The crystal clear waters of Mallorca provide a natural home for scuba diving offering an escape from the crowds into the tranquillity of a glorious underwater world. Level of expertise is never an issue as the vast majority of scuba diving firms in Mallorca offer training for everyone from absolute beginner?s right through to those who are verging on being a professional. With exotic marine life and gentle waters there is something for all abilities to enjoy.

Where to go

Famous for its cave diving and tunnels, such as Cala Monjo, Mallorca will never fail to deliver beautiful locations perfect for scuba diving.

The north east coast has an enormous seven mile half moon bay which is a popular location for many scuba divers. Cap Gros (under the Es Faro lighthouse) is a fantastic cavern dive for those at any level. The dive begins at around 15 metres providing the chance to watch wildlife not far from the surface whilst more experienced divers can delve deeper.

Another lovely spot to explore underwater is the small bay of Punta de Morras, situated between Cap Vermell and Font de sa Cala beach. This fascinating part of the sea bed is covered with sand, sea grass and clusters of rocks providing the ideal spot for a leisurely scuba dive.

When to go

To enjoy scuba diving at its best in Mallorca, visitors should aim for the summer months where the waters are much warmer, making the whole experience more enjoyable and less of an endurance test! The temperatures in the sea vary from a balmy 26?c in August to a decidedly chillier 13?c in January.

However, the temperature of the water is not only a matter of personal comfort; warmer seas also increase visibility by as much as 40 metres! Clubs and centres which provide scuba diving may also close down during the winter months or offer a reduced service. Even for those that remain open, there is a much greater chance of cancellations due to poor weather.

What to see

The island of El Toro is a marine reserve towards the south west coast. A perfect location for anyone looking for plenty of sea-life as fishing is prohibited, giving a wide variety of exotic marine life from shrimp to rockfish the chance to breed without human encroachment. El Toro also provides the opportunity to view myriads of octopus in the spring months.

A well-known location for scuba diving is the ‘the three caves’. The first cave is hidden behind a large rock, and with a very wide and shallow location it is ideal for beginners. The second cave is just a few metres further and covered with delicate, fine sand while the third cave, despite being smaller than the others, is home to numerous species of fish and marine life. Divers can opt to capture their experiences with an underwater camera, as the light shines through the crystal clear waters providing the perfect conditions.


Scuba diving is a sport which attracts tourists of all abilities to its crystal clear waters. Cheap holidays to Majorca are plentiful, so book now and discover the appealing underwater scenery, fantastic marine life and warm temperatures (well, most of the time!). Visitors that intend to scuba dive in Mallorca will never be left disappointed!

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