If you love scenery, then you will love Milford Sound in New Zealand. New Zealand prides itself on its natural wonders, and Milford Sound in the South Island of New Zealand is the most visited, and the most beautiful natural wonder in the country. Milford Sound is a fjord land, where you will see magical peaked mountains that rise out of mazes of waterways, with spectacular waterfalls around every corner. Most visitors to the Sound take a 1-2 hour boat ride through the waterways to see the best of the scenery, but there is also the option to take an overnight boat trip through the Sound. These overnight boat trips are hard to book, as there are very few companies that offer them. The great thing about taking the overnight boat trip, is that when you wake in the morning, you and your fellow passengers are the only people on the Sound. The peacefulness of the Sound when there is no one else there is astounding! The other great perk about taking an overnight boat trip on Milford Sound is when you go kayaking after all the day-trip boats head back to the mainland, the seals come in droves to say hi and show off for you! Intrepid Travel is one of the very few tour companies that offers an overnight boat trip in Milford Sound. Check out Intrepid’s 10 day South Island Adventure tour, which offers this highlight.
Check out our latest guest blog post on the yTravel Blog! Craig and Caz from the yTravel Blog offer great information to their readers about their travel stories, travel tips, and current happenings in the world of travel! This is one of our favorite travel blogs at TravAddict, and we are very proud and excited to have a guest blog featured on this site! We have written about three cities in the Czech Republic that are well worth the visit. Check it out!  
Cesky Krumlov
    TravAddict’s trip of the week is Hidden Secrets of India with Gecko’s Adventures. As of October 25th, TravAddict is selling all Gecko’s Adventures products in AUD, USD, GBP, CAD and NZD. With over 200 trips on offer with Gecko’s Adventures, this now gives TravAddict’s visitors a more interactive search comparison when booking an adventure tour on TravAddict.com. Gecko’s is aimed at younger travellers who prefer a fun; independent; convenient and responsible way to travel. We have chosen Hidden Secrets of India as our trip of the week, firstly because India is a great affordable destination to travel to, and there is plenty to see! This 17 day trip with Gecko’s Adventures is currently 20% off the November 20th departure, and includes a local tour leader, all transportation and accommodation as indicated in the itinerary. On Hidden Secrets of India you will discover the magnificent diversity of India! Visit well-known sights such as the Taj Mahal, uncover the beauty of Udaipur, pay homage to the heritage of Jaipur and join a tiger safari in beautiful Ranthambore National Park. This trip is an exciting blend of the classic and the undiscovered. The trip is priced from $1445USD per person. TravAddict posts up to date Gecko’s Adventures Reviews from past travelers to help you learn more about what other travelers thought.

Earlier this year we posted some information with tips on how to choose the right travel destination for you. With so many people currently thinking about their 2011 travel options, we thought we would re-post this information:

When you are planning a trip overseas, it is common to not instantly know where you want to go, the options are endless! It is always important to remember that someone who already knows where they want to travel to was inspired somehow to choose that specific destination.

I have traveled to many parts of the world, so people often ask me ‘What is the most amazing place you have ever been to?’. In all honesty I cannot answer this question because to me, each place is special or memorable for different reasons. When I am planning on traveling to a new destination, the first thing I base my decision on is what I want to see or do while I am away.

Do I want to visit a big city or a small town?

What kind of scenery do I wan to see? I.e. beach scenery or mountainous scenery?

Do I want to see exotic animals?

Do I want to experience a new language?

Do I want to experience new food?

Do I want to go somewhere warm or somewhere cold?

The list of questions could go on, but if you ask yourself some of these base questions, it will help you to narrow down your search. There is aways a destination in the world that will satisfy your specific travel needs, but how do you find them? I find that hearing about someone else’s experiences is the most effective way to be inspired. This might be through talking to a friend that has traveled extensively, or speaking to someone with a passion for a specific destination. I suggest to start by reading the travel section in your local newspaper, online articles or travel blogs. TravAddict.com allows you to read reviews on the trips we feature, which will also be very effective in helping you to decide where to go, and how to travel there. Ask all the questions to YOURSELF before you travel, and you will be sure to decide on a destination that will not disappoint. Simply searching Travaddict.com for trips in a continent you are curious about is a great way to start your search for the perfect destination for YOU!

TravAddict’s trip of the week is Turkish Delights with Intrepid Travel. Turkey is one of the top 12 travel destinations in the world with more than 17 million visitors every year, and Turkish Delights is a great 15 day adventure that travels to the main sights of Turkey. Turkey is a perfect year-round destination, and we have chosen this particular trip by Intrepid Travel because it showcases Turkey perfectly, and has many departures throughout the year.

Turkish Delights includes:
– Accommdoation in: guesthouses/hotels (11 nts), village pension (1 nt), multishare boat with shared facilities (1 nt), overnight train (1 nt)
– Transportation: Train, dolmus (mini bus), public and private bus, ferry, caique (Turkish boat), tram, taxi, walking
– A qualified Intrepid Travel tour guide

Turkish Delights offers you the opportuinity to explore the mysterious land of the Ottomans Intrepid-style. Marvel at Mehmet Aga's masterpiece, the Blue Mosque, and bargain for trinkets in the Grand Bazaar. Try delicious Turkish delight, be mesmerised by the Whirling Dervishes and discover the underwater treasures of the Mediterranean. From the laneways of ancient Ephesus to the bizarre landscapes of Cappadocia – take the plunge and discover the amazing adventure that is Turkey.

The trip is priced from $1625USD per person. TravAddict posts up to date Intrepid Travel Reviews from past travelers to help you learn more about what other travelers thought.  

Do you like wine? If you do, when you travel it is great to taste all of the different types and styles of wine available all over the world. There are a number of regions well known for their great wine, but there are also some that are off the beaten track, and offer great wine! The following article is about 10 wineries that are off the beaten path, and well worth the visit. So, if you like wine and you like to travel, we suggest you read this article from MSNBC: Beyond Napa: 10 off-the-beaten-path wine regions

If you ever visit Barcelona, it is well worth considering taking a day trip to Figueres. The town is famous for being the birthplace of the eccentric artist Salvador Dali (1904-1989). Salvador Dali designed an entire museum, both inside and out from the remains of the former Municipal Theater which was destroyed in 1939 from the Spanish Civil War. The museum is bizarre , interesting, fascinating, and mind-boggling all at once.

Dali was known as a surreal artist. He had a personal style that was unique and indescribable which made him very well known. He described the inspiration of his art as ‘the world of the unconscious that is recalled during dreaming'. Dali was born exactly 9 months and 10 days after the first Salvador Dali died at only 21 months. His parents believed that their second son was a reincarnation of the first. Dali used to say that he was born twice, a double self, someone who did not exist because he was only half a person. It was this unique way of thinking about life and all of its aspects that made him such a memorable artist.

Dali studied art at the Royal Academy of Art in Madrid, but he was expelled twice and never took his final exams. He is the only known artist who had two museums dedicated exclusively to his works while he was alive. Dali was considered to be a genius by some and insane by others. The museum in Figueres definitely reflects both theories. Dali’s designs will have you looking and contemplating the art for hours. It is a very interactive museum, so even if you are not an art lover, this is a museum you can appreciate. It will keep you guessing!

If you are interested in traveling to Spain, visit TravAddict for some great options!

At TravAddict we have decided to feature a Trip Of the Week every Tuesday starting today!  Today we have chosen a G Adventures trip to China.  Here is a snippet from one of our recent blog posts on why China is such a great place to travel to at this time of the year: ‘China can be excessively hot in the summer, but come October the weather slightly cools.  In early October the crowds will die down, the transport will become cheaper, and the weather is perfect for sightseeing.’ TravAddict offers hundreds of options for traveling to China, but we decided to feature a trip that is currently on sale!  G Adventures is currently offering 15-20% off their Roam China trip departing on the 1st and the 8th of November.  Roam China is an 18 day trip that travels from Hong Kong to Beijing, and is one of  G Adventure’s new YOLO trip styles, which is designed for the 18 to 30-something traveler with an energetic appetite for adventure. This trip includes: -Your transport by way of train, local bus, private bus, Chinese-style boat, walking and cycling. -All Accommodation in Simple Hotels/guesthouses (10 nts), Sleeper train (5 nts, 6 berth train), and Yangtze boat (2 nt) -And a qualified Gap Adventures tour guide The hightlights of Roam China are as follows: ‘Soak in the vibrant pulse of Hong Kong, float down the Yangtze on a Chinese-style riverboat and walk the Great Wall with other others that share your appetite for adventure. Enjoy eighteen days packed with China’s major sights and out-of-the way gems with the freedom to choose those that interest you. Cycle along Xian’s ancient city walls and through the stunning rice fields and limestone karsts of Yangzhou. Explore gorgeous scenery straight out of a painting or just relax and take it all in.’ The trip is priced from $1264 USD per person. TravAddict posts up to date G Adventures Reviews from past travelers to help you learn more about what other travelers thought. Happy Travel Tuesday!

Last week we ran a poll asking people what was the first international city they visited?  There were definitely a number of different answers, but most of the answers were cities in Europe.  We had 97 people from all over the world participate in our poll.

When most people venture overseas for the first time no matter where they are from, Europe seems to be a popular choice.  Is it the attraction of being able to experience so many different cultures and countries in such a short space of time?  Is it the convenience of being an easy destination to get to?  Does it have something to do with the price?  In order to answer these questions we would need to expand out poll, but for now we would like to conclude that Europe is a popular destination for first-time overseas travelers, and at TravAddict we agree that it is a great choice.

Much of the world’s history is linked to Europe in some way or another, and experiencing it first hand can mean a lot to people from almost anywhere in the world.  Based on our poll results a lot of people first went to London or to Paris.  These are great cities to experience a new country for the first time.  They are very accommodating to tourists, and there are plenty of sights to see.  If you haven’t yet taken your first overseas trip and you are not sure where you should go, Europe is a great destination to consider.  You can do Europe one of two ways.  Take is slow and just see a few cities or countries to first get a feel for Europe, or you can see many countries all at once with an ease of getting from one country to the next.  When most people come home from their first trip to Europe, they already have plans for what they want to do when they go back…….because there is so much to see!