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posted by TravAddict on August 31, 2011

The FAA has recently approved the first commercial flight for Boeing's newest airline the 787. Boeing's newest design is considered a revolution in the airline industry. More than half of the plane is made up of composite materials, and it is said to be quieter and use 20% less fuel than planes of a similar size. The 787 also has the ability to fly the longest flight in the world (currently New York the Singapore), and it will cost much less for the 787 to fly this route as well as many other long haul routes vs a 747.

The first passenger voyage is expected to take flight on October 26th with Japan's Nippon Airways. If you were hoping to catch a flight on the 787 but cannot make it all the way to Japan, don't worry, there are over 50 airlines who have placed orders with Boeing.


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posted by TravAddict on August 25, 2011



From manic Mexico City to the broad Caribbean beaches of Cancun, this Magical Mexico tour with Tucan Travel offers an excellent overview of the natural and cultural highlights of Mexico. Soak up the rich cultural heritage of the Aztec and Mayan empires and explore mystical temples surrounded by lush rainforest. Wander through pretty colonial cities and meet genuinely friendly local people in colourful markets. Taste the delicious local cuisine, enjoy some mariachi music and let Mexico work its magic on you!


Tucan Travel


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posted by TravAddict on August 23, 2011



For a long time, traveling to Russia meant staying in a hotel since hostels were almost non-existent even 5 years ago. But, recently the market for hostels has grown, and many major cities in Russia are seeing new, modern, and affordable hostels pop up everywhere. According to Yahoo! News, there are over 3000 hostel beds in Moscow currently on offer, and the number of hostel beds has grown by one third since May 2011!

So, if you are planning a budget tour to Russia, and are under the impression that you cannot book a hostel, think again! This will also mean that many budget tour vendors will soon be able to lower their costs when they start staying in hostels vs hotels. Great news all around!

To view options for hostels in Moscow, visit Hostelworld.com.

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posted by TravAddict on August 19, 2011

There are some really great travel blogs on the web, and often the great ones tell intriguing and exciting stories about their worldwide experiences. Every now and then a travel blogger catches the attention of the media, and their story goes viral. Recently, a traveler that used the services of Airbnb.com created a blog expressing her experiences of being a ‘host’ to an Airbnb traveler, and her story is quite the read. It has gone viral online, and we thought we would share this interesting but saddening travel story with you about the robbery of her home by an Airbnb traveler:

Around the world and back again by EJ

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posted by TravAddict on August 16, 2011

Are you planning on traveling to many different countries where you will encounter a number of different languages? Have you ever thought of purchasing an electronic talking translator? In the past, these devices have been quite pricey, but these days, you can pick up an electronic translator for as little as $40!

The more expensive translators are able to repeat your recorded sentence in the desired language, and others simply have thousands of common phrases available in many different languages.

So, if you are the traveler, or if you are looking to buy a great travel gift for a friend, do some research on a brand that suits you (as there are many), and you will likely find that this will help you out plenty with learning some key phrases in many different languages. It will also eliminate the hassle of having to carry translation dictionaries with you!

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posted by TravAddict on August 15, 2011



Jump on board an exhilarating journey through the magnificent nations of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe with Intrepid Travel. Southern Africa is bursting with a diverse array wildlife, culture and landscapes – all waiting to explored and celebrated. Travel through stunning scenery and watch as lush green landscapes gives way to harsh desert dunes and rocky mountain peaks. Take to the waters on canoes and in a houseboat, embark on thrilling game drives, be immersed in unique ecosystems and be blown away by the sheer force of Victoria Falls. With welcoming locals and genuine experiences around every corner, this trip is full of surprises.



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posted by TravAddict on August 9, 2011

The recent riot events in London have shaken many tourists, and has left them wondering if they should continue with their summer vacation in London or move on?

The answer to this question will be different for every traveler, but for those that do not feel comfortable staying in London at this time, the good new is that there are plenty of other close by destinations where you may feel safer and still see plenty of great sights. The top three destinations we recommend for those travelers wishing to avoid London are:

1. Edinburgh, Scotland
You can catch a train from London to Edinburgh with a travel time of approximately four hours.
2. Paris, France
You can catch the Eurostar from London to Paris in only two and a half hours.
3. Brussels, Belgium
You can catch the Eurostar from London to Brussels in approximately one hour.

TravAddict hopes that London settles down soon and all who live there and are traveling there can feel safe again. For those that decide to stay in London, we can at least be assured for now that none of the rioting is taking place in the center of London near any of the main tourist areas. We recommend to avoid large crowds, and stay cautious if you decide to stay.

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posted by TravAddict on August 4, 2011

As a tourist, keeping a close eye on your belongings is very important. But what if you could hide your valuables in a place where no one expects? Well, with Reefs Stash Sandals you can! These cleverly designed sandals allow you to stash cash, credit cards, keys and identification inside your shoes. Forget about accidentally leaving your bag behind at a restaurant, or being pick pocketed, with these shoes your belongings are tucked safely away. And let’s face it, you aren’t going anywhere without your shoes!

But…….it gets better! For those of you that love to frequent sporting events or concerts and like to smuggle a cheeky drink into any event, the Reef Dram is the shoe for you! Instead of a stash pocket, each sandal is fitted with a flask. Genius!

So, if you are thinking of touring anywhere in the world where sandals are an appropriate shoe of choice, TravAddict recommends checking out these great shoes by Reef.

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posted by TravAddict on August 2, 2011



Tour with Haggis Adventures through Scotland on a spectacular 5 day adventure through the Highlands and magical Isle of Skye. Get out there amongst some of the world’s most incredible scenery. Go monster hunting on Loch Ness, experience Culloden battlefield and hear tales of Scotland’s bloody history, enjoy whisky tasting in a Highland distillery and explore the magical Isle of Skye.

Highland Fling with Haggis Adventures is priced from $309USD per person and does not include accommodations. If you would like to know more about Haggis Adventures before you book, you can read Haggis Adventures Tour Reviews on TravAddict’s reviews page

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