Europe is a haven for delicious foods, and with the ability to travel to a new country at every stop on a Europe tour, there is a large variety of different foods to try and indulge in!

It is only natural to want to snack as you travel from place to place, and road snacks are a cheap way to try some novelty snacks you might not find at home.? As a chocoholic, I apologize that all of my recommendations happen to be chocolate-related, but it was not intentional!

1.? Italian Duplo

You are all probably familiar with the Italian company Ferrero, but not all of their products are available outside of Europe.? I am addicted to their ?Duplo?.? It is a base of wafers, with three whole hazelnuts covered in hazelnut cream and completely covered in chocolate.? Yum!? I love the Duplo because one hazelnut is enough, so this delicious snack can last you all day!

2.? Belgian Butters

If you are a fan of ?rich? snacks, then you will like this one!? Belgian Butters are a chocolate cream waffle sandwich.? Sounds delicious right?? Yet again, just one of these will satisfy a sugar craving for quite a while.? And who doesn?t love Belgian waffles and chocolate?? These come in a box, with about 6-8 sandwiches from memory, so keep them in your backpack, and they will last you days!

3.? German Riesen

I love a chocolate-caramel combo, and that is why I love Riesen.? It is a typical German candy bar that comes with four dark chocolate covered caramels.? They are like a hard-chewy caramel, which you are likely to chew on for a while, and once you eat one you can?t help but eat all of them!? So if you are out there on the road and need a good sugar fix, look out for the Riesen.

4.? Austrian Manner

The Europeans seem to love wafers no matter which country you are in, and luckily, I love them too!? The Manner is one my favorite wafers (a may have tried a few).? The Manner comes with 6 vanilla wafers filled with hazelnut, and are really cheap!? Watch out though, they are addictive.

5.? German Ritter Sport

While I believe Ritter chocolate is relatively easy to find in other parts of the world, the Ritter sport are such a great snack for traveling through Europe.? Not only are they delicious, but they are also small, individually wrapped, and cheap!? The Ritter Sport comes with 4 small pieces of chocolate, and there are so many different flavors to choose from.? The butter biscuit is probably their most popular flavor, but you must try the yogurt filled flavor.? It might not sound so appealing, but trust me, it is delicious!

Cheap tours to Europe are often defined by the price you pay for accommodation, flights, and transport, but food can play a big role too.? So if you don?t have the budget for fine dining, but you want to get in touch with the food the locals love, road snacks