The winter is an excellent time to take to the water and explore Europe. Not only are there plenty of impressive sailing deals to take advantage of at this time of year, but the waters tend to be less crowded than in the summer months. What follows is a select of some of the best winter sailing holiday destinations in Europe.

Sailing in Mallorca

The waters that surround the popular Spanish resort of Mallorca are warm and calm all year round, making this an excellent winter sailing destination. Visitors who take advantage of this sailing opportunity are offered the chance to cruise along the picturesque Spanish coastline to take anchorage at unspoilt coves and explore the surrounding area in a refreshingly new way.

Sailing in Roskilde

Climb aboard a Viking warship in the Danish port of Roskilde and experience the fun of becoming a Viking for a few days. This enchanting experience allows sailors an insight into the past and learning to sail a Viking longboat is an unforgettable experience. These boats come fully crewed, which means that even novice sailors can enjoy the experience to the full and gain new skills while enjoying the open waters that surround this region of Denmark.

Sail Around the West Coast of Scotland

People who prefer to stay a little closer to home can brave the bracing Scottish wind and sail out of Tobermory harbour on the Isle of Mull to explore the west coast of Scotland. A number of local companies in this part of the world hire boats to sailors and offer holidaymakers the chance to live aboard their boat of choice to get the full sailing experience. There are also plenty of places along the west coast of Scotland to weigh anchor for a while and enjoy and hearty meal and a drink or two before setting sail once more.

Sailing Around the Greek Islands

The picturesque Greek islands are famous for their intense natural beauty and warm weather all year round. The best way to really get to know the Greek islands is by taking a week or two to sail around them in style. There are numerous destinations that are just waiting to be explored in this part of the world, and the beauty of sailing is that visitors can explore at their own pace and pause for a while to soak up the sun on the beach and visit a local restaurant whenever they choose. Boats can be hired from a large number of locations in Greece and can be crewed or unscrewed, depending on the experience and preference of the individual.

Sailing in Venice

The Italian city of Venice is famous for its canals, and many people travel to this part of the world in order to take a gondola ride through the city. Hiring a luxurious yacht and gently cruising along the city?s waterways is another great way to see the city in comfort and still. Even people who are new to sailing will be able to get the most out of this unforgettable experience. And this is by far the best way to see many of Venice?s world famous landmarks without getting caught behind large groups of tourists.

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