GE 234There are plenty of great destinations for people who want to taste local quality beer when they travel.? If you are a traveler whose priority is to taste the local brews, almost all destinations worldwide offer a tasty local beer to keep you satisfied, so listing just 5 cities is difficult, but we have chosen 5 of our favorites:

Munich, Germany

Let’s start with the obvious!? Munich is known all over the world as a haven for beer lovers, and it’s easy to see why. Thousands of people from around the world gather each year for Oktoberfest, which is a celebration of all things barely, hops, and water. Many breweries in Germany still believe that these are the only three ingredients necessary for a tasty brew, and it’s hard to argue against that point. Beer lovers definitely should make a trip to Munich at least once in their lives, and if you can manage to get the timing right, a visit during Oktoberfest is an amazing experience for a beer lover.

Tokyo, Japan

Even though the city isn’t the best value for your money in general terms, there is plenty of tasty and very affordable beer to be found. The local bars and vendors try to supply beer that is similar to western tastes, but you should indulge in the local offerings while you’re in the area. You may be surprised at how full and deep the flavors are in local Japanese beers. You can even get beer out of the vending machines located in the streets, and no identification is required.

The unique vending machine experience is the main reason Tokyo made this list!

Dublin, Ireland

Known all over the world as the exporter of Guinness, Dublin is a paradise on earth for beer lovers. There are literally hundreds of pubs located in the city offering special beers exclusive to those pubs. The beer may be a bit pricey, but you will get your fill in the midst of hundreds of happy locals. Drinking beer is one of the biggest pastimes of Irish people. They are proud of the flavors of their brews, and they will boast about the quality of their local pubs, and always be happy to make a recommendation for the next pub you should visit.

Sao Paolo, Brazil

South America has its own zest when it comes to beer. Sao Paolo in Brazil combines the flare of South American culture with beer that bursts with flavor. The dance clubs are packed with people enjoying local brews while dancing the night away. You will definitely experience some nights to remember, especially if you love to indulge in a little partying while experiencing the local brew.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

North America has become renowned for their micro brews over the past 10 years, and Grand Rapids hosts a festival every year where people can go to over 50 restaurants and breweries. The chefs specialize in dishes infused with craft beer made from the local breweries. You can also take cheap tours of some of the finest breweries in Grand Rapids. There are certain craft beers located here that you would never be able to taste at other locations, so it is well worth the trip.

It’s easy to find good beer in many places throughout the world. Beer is an item that many cultures have in common regardless of their differences. The best part is trying beer from a new culture and appreciating their interpretation of what a good beer should be.