I was recently on a long haul flight from Los Angeles to Sydney Australia at total length of 14 hours, and it got me thinking.? What is the longest passenger flight in the world?? After a little research, here are the 5 longest passenger flights in the world:

1.? Newark, NJ to Singapore:? 9535 miles over 18 hours and 30 minutes

2.? Los Angeles, CA to Singapore: 8770 hours over 18 hours

3.? Johannesburg, South Africa to Atlanta, GA:? 8439 miles over 16 hours

4.? Dubai to Los Angeles, CA:? 8339 miles over 16 hours

5.? Sydney Australia to Dallas, TX:? 8578 miles over 15 hours and 30 minutes The distance of this flight is longer than the two above, however the time it takes to complete is less.? Time is the biggest concern right?

So, no complaints from me!? I can?t imagine an extra 4 hours and 30 minutes added to my recent journey, but I am tempted to book myself a ticket on the Singapore Airlines flight from Newark to Singapore, just to say I?ve flown on the longest flight in the world!