Exotic. Colourful. Diverse. Rich in flavors. There are probably dozens of words and phrases which can describe Thai food. However, once you step into the Land of Smiles, it is recommendable to make your own picture; stroll around the bustling streets of Bangkok with its countless mobile food sellers, walk through the markets of Chiang Mai or just sit in a small local restaurant in Phuket ? place your order and indulge into a variety of flavors and fragrances!

We selected the 5 Must Try Dishes for you here:

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1. Green Papaya Salad ? Som Tum

It?s refreshing, delicious and yes, spicy: Som Tum! Available on markets and in local restaurants, it?s almost impossible to leave Thailand without trying it. Shredded green papaya, blended with sliced tomatoes, roasted peanuts, chilli and palm sugar, you can eat this sweet-sour-spicy dish along with boiled rice in any part of the country.

2. Northern Thai Sausage -Sai Ua La Wan

When visiting northern Thailand, in particular its second largest city and cultural capital, Chiang Mai, it?s a must to try the Sai Ua La Wan ? sausage. It is one of the most famous dishes you can get in the city and it?s virtually available on all markets and typical Thai restaurants. A perfect blend of spices, herbs and a good amount of chilli, making this probably one of the tastiest pork sausages you will come across.

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3. Thai Basil Chicken ? Pad Kra Pao Gai

Thai Basil Chicken is considered as the most popular dish for Thais. The chicken is stir fried and topped with basil, served with rice and fried egg. Besides chicken, it?s also available with pork or shrimps. Pad Kra Pao Gai is served from Chiang Rai in the north to the southern islands of Thailand, by street-food vendors and in local restaurants.

4. Spicy Chicken Soup ? Tom Kha Gai

This extremely mouth-watering dish is made from a variety of refreshing ingredients: coconut milk, oyster mushrooms, chicken breast, chilli and onions. Tom Kha Gai is not only a fest of flavors, but on top a very healthy dish. It?s usually served with boiled rice and is available throughout the country in most local restaurants.

Amazing Green Curry

5. Green Chicken Curry ? Gaeng Khiao Wan

Even when it comes to curries, Thailand has a number of delights to offer; being the most popular curry dish available in Thailand, Green Chicken Curry is served from small family-run -to top rated hotel restaurants. Its ingredients however remain mostly the same: Green curry paste, tender chicken, garlic and onion, among other exotic spices and herbs.