Always be prepared!

In light of all of the travelers stranded in Egypt, in what appears to be a very stressful and uncertain situation, it got us thinking about things you should always have prepared while traveling in case you get stuck in an unforeseen situation.

Here are our top 5:

1. Carry a cell phone with an unlimited plan that works in any country. We don’t suggest using it while you travel, but if there is an emergency and you have to make several calls, you will not be stranded.

2. Always ensure you have an extra money supply put away for emergencies. We suggest always carrying the equivalent of around $50 of the local currency (sometimes less depending on where you are). Put it in the bottom of your suitcase in case of emergencies when cash may be needed if all else fails. If you don’t use the stash, exchange it at the airport or the boarder when you leave the country.

3. Leave your loved ones a detailed list of where you plan to be on specific dates while you are away. It will keep them at ease knowing where you are without even having to try and contact you, and if your itinerary puts you in a danger zone, they will know to get in touch with you right away. If you can provide accommodation details, that is even better:-)

4. Make sure you have photocopies of your passport and any visas. If you happen to lose these documents in an emergency situation, it may not be so easy to replace right away.

5. Before you leave, write a list of your home county’s consulate and embassy contact details in each country you will be visiting and carry it with you. If the emergency is as serious as what is currently going on in Egypt for example, contacting your country’s embassy or consulate will be important.

We of course don’t like to think about the worst that could happen when planning an exciting overseas adventure, but if you are prepared and you happen to be in an emergency situation while away, you will be very grateful you gave it a thought. TravAddict hopes that all of the tourists currently in Egypt make it home safely soon!