Flying long-haul can be draining and exhausting. It is like spending the night in a ‘chair hotel’. No bed, a mini bathroom, and just a chair for your personal space. Most TravAddict staff travel frequently on long-haul flights, and there are 5 things Travaddict recommends you make sure you always take with you: 1. A wooly pair of comfortable socks. Wearing the shoes you wore on the plane the entire trip, no matter how comfortable you think they are, is not always so comfortable when you are trying to sleep on a 14 hour flight. A wooly pair of socks will do the trick to keep your feet warm and help you feel a little more cozy while you rest. 2. Your toothbrush. When you wake up from that rested sleep you had sitting up all night in your economy chair, you are likely to not have the freshest of breath. Brushing your teeth will make you feel quite refreshed before you land. 3. Your own headphones. These days most long-haul flights offer a great personal system of movies, music and games to keep you entertained on the flight. While the airline will provide you with a set of headphones, they are often poor quality, and with all plane noises around you it can sometimes be hard to hear the punchlines in the movie you are watching. Bringing your own set of quality headphones makes a world of difference! 4. A warm comfortable coat or sweatshrit. We are all probably aware of how cold it can get while traveling on a plane, and it feels 10 times colder when you are trying to sleep. While you will likely be provided a blanket from the airline, you are not lying down, so the top half of your body will often miss out on the blanket warmth. A warm cozy sweatshirt will make your sleep much more comfortable. 5. Deodorant. If you apply deodorant before you leave home, and then not again until you reach your destination after you land, you will likely not smell so great. In a small enclosed space like a plane, make sure you are kind to your fellow passengers (and yourself) and take your deodorant with you on the plane to refresh when needed:-) All in all, the airlines are pretty good a providing you with everything you will need to be comfortable on a long-haul flight, but to ensure you are extra comfortable on this long journey, take our advice and travel with these 5 items. You will feel a world happier when you land at your destination. Visit TravAddict for the latest Adventure Tour Deals!