Tis the season for booking your summer trip to Europe! There are so many options to choose from when booking your adventure trip to Europe, and this week we thought we would give you some insight into a great option with maximum flexibility. Busabout is a great option for independent travelers who want the opportunity to change their mind as their trip develops. It’s a great feeling knowing that when you arrive in a new European city, you can decide to stay a week instead a night if you choose to! Busabout Explorer gives you the flexibility to do exactly that. See as much as you can on a whirlwind trip or kick back and take your time – Busabout’s Loops are valid all season! We recommend checking out Busabout’s North, West and South loop as it features all of the possible European cities you can visit with Busabout’s Hop-on-Hop-off network. Here is how it works: Bus days can be pre-booked online or with the guides on the buses and you are free to change your mind as often as you want (just be careful round the super-busy times – Oktoberfest and Pamplona for example). The beauty of Busabout is the endless opportunity to do your own thing. You can start and finish your tour in Europe anywhere on the network, and with buses picking up every 2 days from every destination your travel plans have unlimited possibilities. Loop passes enable you to focus on a few corners of Europe or cover the entire network. Busabout’s North, West and South loop is priced from only $1339USD per person, but does not include any accommodation.  
Busabout North West and South Loop