It sounds compelling.?Search postings for an adventure of a lifetime, read reviews, book it. ?Off you go. If only it were that?easy. Many people have the same question when it comes to travel: how am I going to pay for this trip? Good news, this post will outline what action you can take (yes a single action) to acquire the money you need to pay for your tour, including cheap airline tickets.

This blog post will address? 2 questions:

1. Where do I start?

2. How do I save and pay for my trip (saving money, and paying for a trip are two different things. Stick with me, you?ll see why).

Will the savings process be obvious? Are you going to tell me to give up a triple shot mochaccino habit? ?No, I? won?t. That?s been covered ad nauseum and there?s conflicting data that suggests cutting out a designer cafe coffee a day will /will not help.

I?m going to make this super simple. ?In fact, it is deceptively easy. ?And the good news? This method also works if you want to loose weight, get in shape, achieve goals, etc?Like I said, super simple and you need to only do 2 things.

Like most, if not all things in life, you have to have an idea of what you want in order to achieve it. ?Don?t leave planning to luck, fortune, etc? ?Perhaps you?ve read this quote before

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“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?? asked Alice

“That depends a good deal on where you want to go to,” said the Cat

“I don’t much care where -” said Alice

“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat

Find Your Adventure of A Lifetime

Step 1 – Where do you want to go?


Not sure where to begin? Check out the Top Ten lists. ?Have an idea of the part of the world or time of year? Check out the search engine and filter your results. ?The point is to identify a tour that calls ?to you. ?As you thoroughly read the tour descriptions. ?Ask yourself these questions;

1. Can I see myself on this tour?

2. What parts of the adventure travel and tour resonate with me? Get me the most excited? Which parts of the tour do I look forward to the most?

3. What would I like to get out of this tour? A new appreciation for a part of the world I know? A brand new experience where everything is completely new? Or something in between?

Start here for adventure travel

Step 2 – I?m not going to tell you to exclude or stop spending.

I don?t like to tell people the way to success is by ?not? doing something. In my experience negative is not nearly as impactful as positive. ?So here?s the positive. ?For one month, simply write down everything you spend money on. ?Everything, and down to the penny. ?The reason is to not have you decrease spending by making it more difficult (e.g. I?m not going to buy that coffee because I forgot my spend tracking form). ?I recommend you do this so you have a realistic view of how you spend you money. ?If you catch yourself ever saying ?where is my money going?? then this technique will give you clarity. ?I recommend breaking down into categories, fixed expenses (rent, car payments, student loans, utilities) and variable expenses (booze/vices, food, clothing, etc?). Don?t make the variable expenses too narrow (beer, wine, tequila) unless you really want to. ?I highly recommend for the first month you keep it broader, and then narrow it if you find that the category is representatively large

ways to save money

Tracking the fixed expenses is easy. Tracking the variable expenses is a challenge BUT THIS IS WHERE YOU WILL FIND THE BIGGEST DISCOVERY.

Your goal is clarity.

And clarity comes from writing it down every day. ?At the end of the month tally the variable expenses by categories. ?See a trend? ?Start asking yourself, did you really need to spend $250 at the club for a bottle of some rappers private label vodka? You get the point. Clarity will answer your question of where and how you can save money. But only if you write it down so you can actually see it!

Step 3

All tours include tour prices, make sure you account for transportation to and from your tour. ?By planning a head, you don?t have to rely soly on cheap airline tickets. ?Of course there are cheaper?days to book travel.? Don?t want to read the article? According the Wall Street Journal, here are the best days to book travel. (Please note this article was written about US departure locations)

How Far in Advance to Buy Your Ticket

Domestic Travel

On average, the lowest price was found 57 days before departure

International Travel

On average, the lowest price was found 171 days before departure

Ok, let?s fine tune this.

The day of the week also impacts how much you will pay for your ticket. ?All of the prices below are the average domestic and international fares over 130 million trips and a 19 month time period.

Sunday: $432

Monday: $503

Tuesday: $497

Wednesday: $498

Thursday: $501

Friday: $502

Saturday: $439

The clear winner, the weekend!

when to find cheap airfare

Ok, now you know what day of the week and how far in advance you should buy your airline ticket.

But did you know if you are very mindful, there are actual ways to ?hack? your travel? ?This goes beyond finding cheap airfare, traveling on discount airlines, trolling travel sites for last minute travel deals, etc…Specifically how to get your airfare paid ?for free?. Or rather, you can leverage your existing spending to accumulate points to redeem for miles. ?This is WAY beyond signing up for an airline credit card. ?There is a whole art to this. ?Here are two services that can help you get your airfare (and maybe more) covered. ?Abroaders (full service) and Travel Hacker (quasi- self service).


Abroaders – a full service travel hack concierge. ?Great to use if you want to outsource the entire process of miles/points accumulation. ?For a fixed 6 month fee, they will handpick credit cards and frequent flyer programs to maximize your accumulation of miles. ?More miles means less money spent on reaching the origination point of your tour. ?That means more money in your pocket or another adventure travel tour! ?Right now they serve mostly people with access to the US banking system. ?However, they are rapidly rolling out service to other countries.

Join the Travel Hacking Cartel

Travel Hacker– a quasi – self service travel hacking company that provides resources to help you maximize points/miles accumulation. They provide alerts, education, ?you?ll learn about glitch fares, Round-the-World tickets, padding out your mileage account, earning elite status, etc…

What I love about both services is their guarantee of results and satisfaction or your money back. ?You can?t beat that!

So there you go. ?Write it down, review monthly and try a travel hack service.

Your adventure awaits!