Abu Simbel
  With Oktoberfest making many news headlines at the moment, it got me thinking.? What is the next big festival that people are willing to travel thousands of miles to experience? The first one that came to mind is the Abu Simbel festival in Egypt on October 22nd.? This festival may not be as well known as Oktoberfest, but if you want to see something unique that will truly leave you in awe, this is a festival worth traveling a long way to see. The festival is held at the Abu Simbel temple, located 300km outside of Aswan in Egypt.? Abu Simbel is a sun temple built by King Ramses II in 1250 BC.? The facade of the building is guarded by four statues of King Ramses, and inside the temple in the inner most chapel are four statues dedicated to the gods of Ra, Amun, Ptah and of course, Ramses II.? King Ramses designed the temple to shine natural sunlight 180 feet inside the temple only twice a year.? Once on the birthday of King Ramses, and another exactly 6 months later.? Many people are in awe of how Ramses was able to design this over 3000 years ago.? The light shines evenly on only three of the statues, leaving Ptah (the God of darkness) in the shadows.? Even with the entire temple being moved in the 1960?s due to the Aswan Dam causing the Nasser lake to rise and putting the temple in danger of being under water, the event still happens, but it is actually now one day later than Ramses had originally designed.? Crowds will gather inside the temple on October 22nd to witness the magnificent light shining onto the statues, and later celebrate outside with music, dancing, food and markets. Abu Simbel is in such a remote area that it was actually only discovered by the modern world in the early 1800?s.? So, if you are thinking of going to the festival, TravAddict recommends you arrive in Aswan, and travel with a group tour?through the Nubian Desert? to reach Abu Simbel.? We do not recommend traveling without a registered tour group in the Egyptian desert.? Egypt is a great destination to travel to at any time of the year, and Tucan Travel,Intrepid Travel, and G Adventures have some great options for traveling to Egypt.