Havana street with colorful old cars in a raw

The allure of a forbidden destination is undeniable, and for Americans, Cuba is one of those destinations.? American citizens CAN travel to Cuba, and there are two ways to go about it:? Legally, and illegally in the eyes of the US government. ?

The Legal Way

Americans can join an organized tour to Cuba that starts and finishes in the USA, which is escorted by a certified tour company.? The plus side to this travel option is the legality according to the US government, but the cons of this option are:

The high costs involved in booking one of these tours.

The limited options you have in regards to the itineraries available.? You may end up on a tour that does not explore the parts of Cuba you are most interested in exploring, and free time can be limited or non-existent. ?

A tour we recommend checking out if you want to see Cuba the legal way, is the Cuba Culture and Heritage tour with Intrepid Travel

The Other Way

If you fly from any other country other than the US directly into Cuba, the immigrations officers in Cuba will allow American citizens to enter the country by either not stamping your passport, or adding a temporary page in your passport, and stamping this page so there are no traces of your trip to Cuba when you return back to the USA.? The advantage of this option is the fact that you can book one of the many cheap tours available in Cuba, or you can opt to explore the country on your own without the assistance of a tour.? The cons of this option are:

The fines you could face if the US government discovers you have traveled to Cuba.

The risk you take as a US traveler given there is no US representation in Cuba.? So if you get into any legal trouble, you cannot call on the USA to help you.

No US credit or debit cards will work in Cuba, so you will need to travel with cash and travelers checks only.

No U.S. airlines fly direct to Cuba from the U.S. To fly there, you must fly from another country (usually Canada or Mexico). This prolongs the travel time and also increases the flight costs.

Some of our favorite independent tours to Cuba:

21 Day Cuban Rhapsody tour with Tucan Travel.? Priced from $2199 USD

12 Day Viva Cuba tour with Gecko?s Adventures.? Priced from $1475 USD

8 Day Cuba Libre tour with G Adventures.? Priced from $999 USD