Many travellers have dreamed of visiting 100 countries in the world. This is realistic and doable for many people who are extremely passionate about traveling and exploring the variety of cultures the world has to offer. These ambitious travelers are able to achieve these goals because of the ever-expanding network of airlines that have popped up making traveling increasingly more affordable.

One man, however, is even more ambitious and decided to attempt to visit not 100 countries, but every single sovereign country in the world. What makes this Englishman?s goal unique is the fact that he has refused to use airplanes as a mode of transport.

Graham Hughes is the man on this journey and he has been tracking his adventures here. The expedition has been certified as a Guinness World Record for most countries visited in one year.? His journey is truly an inspiration to every traveler. He has travelled the on a extremely small budget (<$100 / Day) by traveling mostly on cargo ships or found hosts through the popular website Graham has also spread awareness and raised over $10,000 for WaterAid, a charity that improves access to safe and clean water in developing countries.

Graham has worked in film and has been documenting his entire journey on film.? The trip has been developed into an eight part miniseries that has been shown on National Geographic and is produced by Lonely Planet. Have a look at the National Geographic website to get a peek at the series.

We are truly inspired by Graham?s unwillingness to conform to expectations and take on extreme risks.