There are always mixed reviews when answering this question, so the best thing to do is break it down by where you are going, the company you are traveling with, and what type of accommodation you will be staying in. If you are going to a place where you are likely to be hiking, camping or trekking, a backpack wins the argument hands down.? If you are going to a place where you will be mostly sightseeing and staying in hotels, both can with the argument for different reasons. If you are staying in hotels and traveling via coach with a tour company, a wheelie suitcase can make your life a lot easier.? Just roll your suitcase in from the coach to the hotel, and take the elevator up to the room!? This can cause a problem however, if you plan on staying in boutique hotels, or older hotels that do not have an elevator.? At this point you will be WISHING you had a backpack.? If you are staying in hostels, backpacks are usually a better option.? They are easy to store in a locker, and they do not take up too much room.? If you are traveling via public transport at any point, a backpack can save you the hassle of having to carry your suitcase up and down the stairs, through busy crowds, and along cobbled or un-paved streets. It may seem daunting having to carry a heavy backpack around vs wheeling your suitcase with ease, but the key to getting around this is the amazing ?backpack with wheels?.? These designs will usually be slightly more expensive and slightly more heavy than a regular backpack, but to have the option to wheel or carry when it is appropriate is the ultimate solution!? High Sierra makes some affordable backpacks with wheels with a lifetime guarantee.