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posted by Michael on February 17, 2015

The urge for a trip abroad is hard to ignore, whether you are a seasoned traveler or one that is just coming around to the idea of saving for a extravagant life-changing experience, and the most important question we are all faced with is where are we going to go. In many ways it is the best travel-related question of all to ask - so much nicer than, "when can I fit in a holiday?", "How am I going to afford it?" and "how do I possibly pack everything I need into that case?" - but that does not make it any easier to answer. How far from your front door do you wish to stray on this next adventure? Which of the many lands out there should you visit and what it is that you want to do when you get there? There is …

posted by Michael on February 10, 2015
Fill Your Life

In this modern world of material goods, online shopping, Black Friday riots and competition to create faster, better and shinier gadgets, there is more and more pressure on consumers to buy items and to buy them now. We are lead to believe we are getting what we need and therefore what we really want. We are lead to believe that all these brand new items and pretty pieces of decor in our houses are making us happier when this "happiness" is actually rather transparent and shallow. It is not things that will make us happy in life; they may have a fleeting impression and give our lives a nice glossy sheen but their impact on our true well-being and our souls is short lived. Instead, we really need to be buying experiences - declining on those new gadgets for the chance to travel. Where you …

posted by Michael on December 19, 2014
travel for fulfillment copy

  When we are about to travel to a destination, it can be difficult to want to book without knowing what exactly we are booking. Travel reviews can be a light in the tunnel to sedate the fears that we feel about booking something somewhere we have never been. These reviews can give us the experiences of people who have been there and done that which helps us avoid making bookings that would have been disastrous. It is easy to find travel reviews but how do you know which ones are going to be the best way to determine if you want to go there? Here are some tips on how you can successfully navigate travel reviews to help you on your future travels. How travel reviews help you find what you are looking for There are a million places that have reviews from airlines to places to …

posted by Michael on November 17, 2014
Tours to Spain

La Tomatina In All Its Glory Since 1945, the food fight of Spain's La Tomatina festival has been drawing in crowds of local revelers and foreign tourists who want to see the spectacle for themselves. Every year, in the last week of August, it gets bigger and better and 2015 is set to be no different as the local officials have gone out of their way to hold a safe, respectable fight as part of a much longer, vibrant week of events and celebrations. La Tomatina: the world's biggest food fight. Naturally, when people think of La Tomatina they think of the massive food fight that provides the rather messy but undeniably exciting climax of the festival. It is said that over one hundred metric tons of over-ripe tomatoes are used as ammunition on all the tourists that take to the streets - and it is certainly a …

Start here for adventure travel

It sounds compelling.  Search postings for an adventure of a lifetime, read reviews, book it.  Off you go. If only it were that easy. Many people have the same question when it comes to travel: how am I going to pay for this trip? Good news, this post will outline what action you an take (yes a single action) to acquire the money you need to pay for your tour, including cheap airline tickets. This blog post will address  2 questions: 1. Where do I start? 2. How do I save and pay for my trip (saving money, and paying for a trip are two different things. Stick with me, you’ll see why). Will the savings process be obvious? Are you going to tell me to give up a triple shot mochaccino habit?  No, I’ won’t. That’s been covered ad nauseum and there’s conflicting data that suggests cutting out a designer cafe …

posted by Michael on October 9, 2014
Thai Cave

Thailand might be more famous for its idyllic islands in the South and centuries-old cultural places such as Sukhothai or Ayutthaya, but it has also plenty to offer for those who seek adrenalin-infused adventures. We selected five spots for a thrilling experience: 1. Phraya Nakhon Cave It just takes a short 45 minutes ride by car from Hua Hin, followed by a 30 minute trek through lush gardens and forest to reach Thailand’s most magnificent cave: Phraya Nakhon. Built by the end of the 19the century, a Buddhist pavilion stands on a small hill inside the cave, giving a mystical yet spectacular atmosphere when a ray of sunlight falls from a hole in the cave ceiling, illuminating the pavilion. Where to find? Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, central Thailand. 2. Tham Lod Cave The cave is located in northern Thailand, close to the …

Muay Thai for all

1. You don’t need to be young and in physical excellent shape to start training Muay Thai Muay Thai is all about skills. And developing those skills need a lot of practice. Therefore make sure to ask if there are Beginner classes or designated, supervised areas for beginners. Moreover, discuss your targets with the trainer, create an exercise plan. How long will you be training? Two weeks? One month? Three? But don’t worry, your instructors and fellow students know that you’re new and nobody expects you to be in good shape. Most Muay Thai gyms offering also single classes; attend first one of those, see how the instructors, students and atmosphere is and decide afterwards. It is important that you feel comfortable for the upcoming weeks and months! 2. Show that you’re really interested in learning and practicing Muay Thai Ask for the class timings and be …

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Amazing Green Curry

Exotic. Colourful. Diverse. Rich in flavors. There are probably dozens of words and phrases which can describe Thai food. However, once you step into the Land of Smiles, it is recommendable to make your own picture; stroll around the bustling streets of Bangkok with its countless mobile food sellers, walk through the markets of Chiang Mai or just sit in a small local restaurant in Phuket – place your order and indulge into a variety of flavors and fragrances! We selected the 5 Must Try Dishes for you here: 1. Green Papaya Salad – Som Tum It’s refreshing, delicious and yes, spicy: Som Tum! Available on markets and in local restaurants, it’s almost impossible to leave Thailand without trying it. Shredded green papaya, blended with sliced tomatoes, roasted peanuts, chilli and palm sugar, you can eat this sweet-sour-spicy dish along with boiled rice in any part of …

posted by Michael on August 20, 2014
scuba diving bunaken

A follow up to our August 8 posting.  Make sure you read that one too! Today I'm writing about 3 more stunning locations: Bunaken, Peucang, and Wakatobi.  You can find tours to these islands as well as others on our Tours to Asia page. Bunaken   With 17,000 islands, it is quite difficult to find the perfect beach getaway in Indonesia. Sulawesi with its surrounding islands and mini-archipelagos offers without doubt some of the country’s finest beaches. Bunaken is a small island of just 8 km², located north-west of Manado, the largest city in the north of Sulawesi. You can get to Manado from Jakarta or Denpasar via Makassar. A ferry connects Bunaken with Manado and takes about one hour. The island is famous for its clear water and large marine biodiversity, hence making it another perfect place for diving and snorkelling. Rest assured you can stretch your legs on …

alternatives to hotels and hostels

Let's face it, spending money on a sleeping location can be a big waste.  Think about it.  You spend good money, settle in, close your eyes, and hopefully don't remember a thing. Here are 4 cheap alternatives to hostels and hotels that offer a different experience. SwapMyCityPad.com  -   This site allows you to swap  your own flat/apartment or house with other like-minding people for a weekend or longer. VivaStreet.co.uk  -  Going to the UK? check out this site for options. Includes B&Bs. CouchSurfing.org   -  Not only a cheap place to sleep, but lots of local knowledge about what to do, what to see, and hidden gems. CampingInMyGarden.com   Have your camping gear? Then check out this site. Microcamping and private gardens!


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