We have recently updated the TravAddict website, and one of the features we have added to our reviews pages is the fact that you can view the trip that the reviewer is writing about. TravAddict publishes reviews from real travelers. Some of the latest reviews written about our vendors are as follows: Topdeck Travel: ?This 18 day trip was absolutely fantastic! And also relatively affordable since I did the one where we stayed at hostels and cheap hotels, which were really not bad at all………? G Adventures: ?I chose this trip over many other Gap tours to Peru because it was a ‘comfort’ trip which meant that the accommodation was of a higher standard that many of their other trips……? Tucan Travel: ?65 days on tour in South America is a long time, but Tucan managed to meet my expectations every step of the way. I chose this trip because it was way cheaper than anything……..? Gecko?s Adventures: ? I had a lot of fun on the trip. I met great people, and the guides were fantastic. What I didn\’t like was the itinerary. I felt that we flew around too much………? Intrepid Travel: ?This trip travels to a lot of places, and is really worth price, but I was pretty worn out by the beginning of week three. It was a little too long to be on tour for me. The best part of the tour was the tour guide, and the accommodation……..? Busabout: ?The food was AMAZING, the guide fantatic and all of the destinations phenomenal! Busabout seemed to split the boats by age so we weren\’t paired with 18 year olds but travelled with a slightly older crowd (23-30s) which was great for us….? Haggis Adventures: ?Ahhh Haggis! Such great memories and purely just a great time. I took my first \’tour\’ with Haggis a few years back, and it is one of the best tours I have ever been on……… Shamrocker Tours: I think about all that needs to be said is that Shamrocker made me love Ireland! I spent a long weekend doing this tour with a friend, and we had the best time……..?