Lets Go Somewhere-DestinationsThese days, with an abundance of travel options to choose from it can be overwhelming trying to decipher which option is best for you.? TravAddict alone has thousands of tours loaded into our search engine, and even when you dwindle the results down to one destination, there can sometimes be hundreds of options to choose from.? So, how do you go about choosing the right option for you?

My advice is to first and foremost seek the advice of any family and friends who may have already traveled to your desired destination, and then look to the internet for advice.? My favorite online places to find travel advice:

Travel Forums:? There are hundreds of travel forums where you can ask questions to other travelers who are happy to answer and specific questions you may have.? Some of my favorite travel forums:

Thorn Tree Travel Forum by Lonely Planet

Virtual Tourist


Tour Reviews:? If you are considering joining a tour on your travels, tour reviews are extremely helpful in determining which tour operator is likely to best suit your personal travel style.? The best place to find informative and detailed tour reviews, is right here on TravAddict.com!

Travel Blogs:? There are some great travel bloggers out there who travel for a living, and dedicate their spare time to sharing their experiences on their blog.? Good travel bloggers are often detailed with their analysis of a particular destination, and they often offer up great tips about where to eat or off the beaten track suggestions you might not find in a guide book. ?

There are an abundance of travel blogs out there, and many are suited to a unique travel style.? I keep up to date with so many of them, it would be too long of a list to share them all.? The best way to find a blog that suits your travel style, is to try out a few google searches for travel blogs with a specific genre.? For example, I like Bacon is Magic because Ayngelina offers great foodie advice about the places she travels to, and I like Hopscotch The Globe, because Kristen makes amazing and really informative travel video?s, and I like the visual aspect of it.

I do caution you to not take everything you read online to heart, as unfortunately some information can be mis-leading, or simply a strong personal opinion.? But, if you stick to well-known or established websites with a good reputation, often the information is really valuable.? Also, many travel websites and bloggers have up to date twitter and facebook feeds which are worth checking out.? Following your favorite travel guru?s on social media is a great way to keep track of any up to date specials or travel news.? Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up to date with our news on travel and adventure tours.