SEA LION 3Ecotourism welcomes you to see the natural wonders of the earth that have remained largely untouched by human hands. At present, these destinations are usually much more affordable than typical mass consumer tourism sites. However, the popularity of Ecotourism is on the rise, we suggest experiencing some of the top Ecotourism destinations now, before they start to change to accommodate the masses.? Check out these five particular locations if you are interested in learning more about ecotourism.

Galapagos Islands

Located off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands house numerous protected species of animals and sections of lands. The Ecuadorian government made all of the islands into a National Park, except for the areas where people already inhabited the lands. Some of the most impressive sights here include the Marine iguana, Galapagos sea lions, and the blue-footed booby. This preserved land is a real treat for visitors. You won’t believe all the cool photo opportunities until you arrive.

Costa Rica

An important scientific community, the New Economics Foundation, recently named Costa Rica the greenest country on earth. 25 percent of the country’s land mass is protected, with several National Parks scattered in various areas. One of those parks, Corcovado National Park, is known all over the world for its rich biodiversity. You can find red-eyed tree frogs, rare butterflies, and hundreds of other rare species. They remain undisturbed in their natural habitats, which makes them a joy to see for ecotourism enthusiasts.


If marine ecology is your thing, then you should book a trip to Maldives for your next ecotourism vacation. Maldives waters are famous for coral reef systems that produce awe-inspiring colors. You can also find tremendous species of fish along the coast, with about 110 types of fish swimming in the cool waters. You can also see large populations of crabs, shrimp, mollusks, and more. If you love the water, this will be one ecotourism trip you’ll remember for a lifetime.


Kenya is known as one of the most diverse countries for biology in Africa and in the entire world. It’s easy to see why. The lush rain forests of the Kakamega Forest Reserves entice visitors to spend a few days exploring the vast wilderness. If you’ve never been to a rain forest, you are in for a stunning surprise. Animals and plants of many colors, shapes, and sizes await your discovery.

Kerala, India

If you’ve been longing to go to India, now is your chance to see some amazing plants and animals. Rajamala National Park is home to the endangered mountain goats in India. You can also find nearly 25 percent of the entire country’s plant species there. This area has been called “God’s Own Country.” It’s easy to see why this name was earned once you visit.