IMG_0507I confess.? I am a terrible packer.? I have traveled extensively, even living out of a suitcase for over two years!? But I still dread packing and re-packing, and the idea of having to empty my entire bag just to find that one shirt drives me nuts at the best of times.

Well readers, I bear good news!? I think I may have found a solution to my packing problems.? I recently came across the very inventive Packing Cubes.? This packing revolution allows you to organize your bag into different compartments, and not have to un-pack EVERYTHING in order to find that one item.? Packing Cubes are also a really great way to separate your clean and dirty clothes, avoid your toiletries from accidentally leaking onto your one nice outfit, and surprisingly they seem to create more space in my bag!? I am yet to actually put these packing cubes to use, but I am even more excited about our trip to the Cayman Islands next week, knowing that I get to test out my new travel gadget!

This video demonstration pretty much breaks down the usefulness of packing cubes: