IMG_0552Food-based tourism is on the rise, and eating the best in-season local ingredients are often a big highlight of a destination. When looking for top places to visit based on seafood dishes, it is no secret that coastal cities are generally the highlight. Seafood lovers should be sure to check out the following 5 destinations to experience some of the best meals to ever come out of the ocean.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

It is no secret to foodies that the historical city of Boston is one of the top seafood destinations in the Unites States. The cold waters of the North Atlantic produce some of the best clams, oysters and cod to be found anywhere. The oldest restaurant in the country is located here and still serves up delicious oysters to locals and tourists alike.

Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada

Moving up the Atlantic coast to the Canadian province of Nova Scotia will allow travelers to experience some of the freshest sea scallops around. The scallop business is serious up in these parts and prices are competitive for top quality dishes compared to other regions where scallops are not so abundant.

Madrid, Spain

Even though Madrid is not a coastal city, as the nation’s capital and home of the Spanish royal family, the city has amazingly good seafood dishes. The national dish of paella is best represented here, with top quality seafood imported from other regions of the country. Due to this, it is said that Madrid tops all Spanish cities for the quality of its seafood.

Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

The whole Caribbean is full of top-notch seafood but the Cayman Islands has the culinary expertise of world-class chefs to prepare the dishes. As a major financial center, the capital city hosts some of the biggest power players in the world who expect only the best.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Located on the Gulf of Tonkin in the northern part of the South China Sea, Halong Bay is an idyllic setting with numerous options for locally sourced seafood. The Vietnamese tradition of fresh ingredients and light, healthy cooking styles is especially evident in this fish-rich region.