Australian Countryside

A few weeks ago I decided to hire a car and go on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. Although it seemed silly at the moment to just go see a road, it truly was beautiful and full of adventures.

Great Ocean Road is a 243km (151mi) long road along the south-eastern coast of Australia. It runs through quite a few small towns. The largest, Warnambool, has a population of around 30,000. The road itself is actually fairly new – it was finished in 1922. At first the road could only fit one car at a time, but as time went by it was widened to cope with the growing needs of the local population and also tourists.

Before going on the road I forgot to research the route so I went on an adventure tour of my own. Luckily I did manage to find most of the points of interest along the way. Except for the koalas! I was told that a sure way to spot them was to keep an eye out for people stopping their cars along the road as they may have spotted one on top of a eucalyptus tree. But no, no such luck for me.

On my way there, coming down from the highway, I was greeted by the famous Great Ocean Road sign. As the name suggests, most of the road winds along the coastline but some bits venture in to the rainforests as well, which honestly I had no idea even existed in Australia! The whole road feels like a rollercoaster – up and down, side to side.

Great Ocean Road Adventure Tour

I find it so hard to grasp the size of Australia. My initial thought was to drive till Warnambool, as on the map it seems like a short hop away when compared to the whole of Australia, but when I entered the coordinates to the GPS ? 226 miles! Since I was set on coming back the same day, I decided to go back when I reach the Great Otway National Park.

Great Ocean Road Map

In a mood for some adventure travel, I went up the hill, instead of the same winding road down the coastline. At first it seemed like a typical road, but as I kept climbing up and up the tarmac, open fields started disappearing and instead I was in the middle of a rainforest driving on the edge of a hill on a dirt road wide enough for only one car. And no, there was nothing that would stop me tumbling down the hill if I?d steer too far to the left – except for a few big trees.

Australian Rainforest Adventure

At one point I decided to make a short stop to look around. The air was so refreshing and full of bird songs. I managed to spot a few parrots that unfortunately were too fast for my camera. But I found a great image of them from BigStock.

Green Parrot in Australia

Leaving the rainforest behind me, I made it to a cute little hilltop town called Forrest. It had a small shop and a cafe/brewery, with a very creative outdoor seating area.

Adventure Tour Stop in Forrest

On my way back I realized I hadn?t seen a single kangaroo, but cruising through the local farms, I did get greeted by a friendly local. A bit fuzzy and stubborn, he didn?t even blink when I stopped a few inches from him and he just kept going, determined to go wherever the road takes him.

Sheep in Australia

All in all a beautiful road, full of spectacular scenery. Definitely a must see for anyone travelling to the state of Victoria in Australia.

Adventure Tour End