ElephantEveryone has a soft spot for certain types of travel destinations. Some love museums, others seek great food, and a current popular motivation for travel is getting back to nature. Seeing and interacting with local wildlife can be an unforgettable travel experience, and there are a few locations we suggest you put on your bucket list if you are attracted to interacting with local wildlife:

Galapagos Islands – The Galapagos is probably the number one destination that comes to mind for most people when referring to getting up close and personal with wildlife. The Galapagos Islands hosts sea lions, tortoises, dolphins, whales, and a large number of bird species.

Kangaroo Island, Australia – Australia is often famed for its unique wildlife, but getting up close and personal with much of Australia?s wildlife is often only possible within the confines of a zoo. On Kangaroo Island in South Australia however, you are likely to get up close and personal with wild kangaroos, wallabies, Australian sea lions, koalas, echidnas and goannas.

Borneo – If you have a soft spot of orangutans and monkeys, then the rainforest of Borneo is the destination for you. Get up close and personal with these incredible creatures, and you may even get the chance to spot the world?s smallest bear, the sun bear.

Yellowstone National Park, USA – For a chance to catch glimpse of some of North America?s most famous wildlife, Yellowstone National Park in Northern California is the place to go. During the summer months you are likely to spot grizzly bears, moose, coyote, deer, and brown bears.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania – When most people book an African safari, they hope to see the ?Big 5?. Well, in the Serengeti you are likely to see the big 5 plus many many more African species in their natural habitat.