Edward Abbey When we are about to travel to a destination, it can be difficult to want to book without knowing what exactly we are booking. Travel reviews can be a light in the tunnel to sedate the fears that we feel about booking something somewhere we have never been. These reviews can give us the experiences of people who have been there and done that which helps us avoid making bookings that would have been disastrous. It is easy to find travel reviews but how do you know which ones are going to be the best way to determine if you want to go there? Here are some tips on how you can successfully navigate travel reviews to help you on your future travels.

How travel reviews help you find what you are looking for

There are a million places that have reviews from airlines to places to stay. The trick is to find what you are looking for that is not a paid for review. Some websites will pay someone who has never been there before to write great review about your worst nightmare. This is the most common with places to stay because a hotel will have the money to spare a few to pay of writers who will write about the great amenities that they see on the website. In this case, take the time to search through websites that have travel blogs with writers that write about where they have personally stayed or through travel blogs. Many of these blogs will give you an accurate understanding of the place which can help you determine if the reviews you found where actually true. Seeing one good review out of a dozen travel blogs which state that the place was bad means that you have a paid for review. travel for fulfillment copy

How can the age of the review help you decide if this hotel is right for you?

Another way to tell if the review is good is how recent the review is compared to the actual age of the hotel. If you find one good review and the review is as old as the hotel, then you can assume that no one thought that this particular place was good or bad enough to write about. Explore your other options first before considering booking that hotel. A good review to use in your decision should be as recent as possible and is similar in nature to what the other ones before it said. For example, if you find an astounding review after seven or eight reviews from the same year that spelled bad news, well best to keep looking at other places to stay. The reverse is also true. One bad review does not mean that the place should be avoided at all costs.

Ok, ok, but how can you tell if it is a good travel review?

A good review should be full of relevant information about the surroundings of the place you are considering staying at. Take a second to consider what it is that you will need to know about that area before being quick to agreeing completely with the review. Is the place close to any places to eat and if they are, what are the review of that place the person mentioned? Was the food good or bad? What are the small details that you would mention and do you see them mentioned in the review you are reading? A person who has been there will state what they have used and where the closest store was. Look for personal details of how helpful the staff was or any experiences while staying there. Chances are if you stay somewhere and then write a review about it, you are going to have some personal details that you are going to add about that experience.

How important is a return customer?

Another tip is to look for people who are return customers. Return customers who leave multiple adventure travel reviews are a huge bonus because you know they have been there. They will also have information on how the services offered have changed and whether they plan on returning later on. This is one of the most important reasons to leave your input after using a service. Your experiences will help you leave helpful feedback later on which could help you keep track of your perfect getaway spot in the future. Multiple stay reviews can help new travelers find their perfect spot without having to go there to find it.

Why should I care if the English sounds right?

Many paid reviews are not always going to have great English. Many of the people who want to pay for a review will not pay enough for a native English speaker to write the review. If the English words do not match the country that has been specified, you may not have a good review. It is always important to remember that we will write in our native language which makes writing the review easy. This is one of the easiest to find but also the most overlooked tips which can help you weed out the bad reviews that will not be relevant to your trip. Using travel reviews to book your vacation plans does not have to be a hassle. Many people learn the hard way which plans work and which ones do not. If you use these tips, you should easily be able to navigate your way through the reviews that were paid for by companies to make themselves look good. Make sure that the review reads correctly, has relevant information, throws in a few personal tidbits of information, and is recent. The most important thing is to make sure that you have fun on your trip and write about it so others can use your review for their search too.