There are hundreds of shows to choose from when visiting Vegas, and it is nice when you come across something different that is a little out of the box.? If you love attending weddings, then you should consider the show ‘Tony and Tina’s wedding’.

Tony and Tina’s wedding is an interactive show where you actually attend a fake wedding .? Many of the wedding attendees along with the bride and groom party are actors, and you attend Tony and Tina’s wedding as one of their guests.? After a church ceremony you move onto a reception dinner with dancing and many different antics to keep you entertained throughout the evening.? At times you forget that many of the attendees are actors, and sometimes it is hard to tell if the people you are sitting with are actors, or just guests like you!? This entertaining performance is a great evening out, and a wedding you will never forget!? So, if you love weddings and you love Vegas, be sure to check it out next time you are in Las Vegas.