Ever heard of the Eye-Fi?? Well, if you like to take pictures while you travel (and I think most people do), then you want to keep reading! The Eye -Fi is a memory card that is compatible with a large range of digital cameras, and the features of the Eye-Fi are perfect for travelers.? It is always heartbreaking to see a fellow traveler lose their camera, but most of the time they are more upset about losing the 2000 pictures that were stored on the memory card inside it.? It can be hard to write your pics onto a disc while you are traveling, but with the Eye-Fi you will never have this problem.? The Eye-Fi allows you to upload your pictures directly from your camera to your computer, even if your computer is not turned on.? It even allows you to directly upload your pictures onto over 25 different sharing sites like facebook, flickr, youtube…..to name a few. The coolest part about the Eye-Fi for travelers is the location feature.? As long as there is a Wi-Fi in range (and you do not need to be connected to it, it just has to be in range),? it will record the location every time you take a picture.? When you upload your pictures onto a computer that is compatible with the Eye-Fi, or to Flickr for example, it will map all of the pictures you have taken with pin-points on a world map.? You can then click on each point to see all of the pictures taken in that particular city.? You do not need to spend hours loading this yourself, or trying to remember where all of your pictures were taken after many months away! To learn more about the Eye-Fi, we suggest you visit the official Eye-Fi Website.? Happy Travels!