If you are reading this, it is likely that you love to travel, and you are attempting to see the world on a limited budget.? Well, what about living and working abroad?? Living and working abroad means you can base your everyday life around exploring a different part of the world, and what a perfect scenario right?? But where to start?? As an ex-tour guide, I am a big advocate of taking a few years away from your regular life, and doing something completely out of your comfort zone.? Seeing the world full-time is the perfect leap to take if you are addicted to traveling!

I recently came across Atlas Sliced, a great website which offers valuable advice for those looking to live and work abroad.? Atlas Sliced is not just a website offering work-abroad advice, it is a travel web show which features video interviews with experienced living and working abroad candidates.? Alexa Heart interviews people from all walks of life who have changed their lifestyle for their love of travel, and managed to turn their traveling dreams into their full-time project.? Alexa has created a great environment for those seeking information and inspiration on how to get started with your living abroad dreams.? Hearing first-hand from others who have lived out their ultimate travel dream, is a true testament to helping you take the leap. ?

Alexa has worked abroad herself in Korea, and after returning to the USA, she decided she wanted to inspire others to get out and see the world.? Alexa is all about inspiring people to become a global citizen of the world, and working abroad gives you the chance to to do that, because lets face it, we all need to make money to support our travel habits somehow right? ?

Alexa is actually going to be interviewing me on the 7th of November about my adventures of working abroad as a tour guide, and how my experience working abroad inspired me to create TravAddict.com.? You can watch the episode live via Google+ Hangout.? But in the meantime, check out Atlas Sliced and let me know what you think.? Atlas Sliced currently features 17 episodes interviewing travel bloggers, volunteer abroad experts, freelancers, and a number of other inspiring travelers who have immersed themselves in a different part of the world.