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Alaska is no longer a fad destination. It has become a go-to land with a following of avid mountaineers, rugged naturalists, backpacking enthusiasts, sportsmen, hikers, and even skiers. Additionally, for those who don?t have their sights set on something radical, Alaska now caters to the beginner kayaker, rafter, and family looking to do something magical and different.

So, whether you are an experienced outdoorsman or someone who simply wants to visit Alaska and explore a little, here are five great Alaska excursions for you to consider:

1. Gates of the Arctic ? Sounds magical and dreamy, doesn?t it? Gates of the Arctic is a federal preserve that only changes when nature herself demands it. Essentially unscathed by man, with few, if any roads, this Alaska excursion leads one through glacier-carved valleys, along age-old caribou migration trails, endless rivers, through small developments where indigenous people have lived for thousands of years watching the winter night sky alive with aurora?s that leave one spellbound. Packrafting, hiking, backpacking and fishing are the common adventures one might go on in this park.

2.? Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ? Also known by its acronym ?ANWR,? this Alaska destination is one of the least visited of all the federal parks because of its northern placement at the top of Alaska. Yet, for those who venture to this distant reserve, it is a land of unparalleled beauty, and is a hiker?s, backpacker?s, and rafter?s dream. Otherwise famously known for oil drilling on the North Slope, ANWR is home to caribou, soaring eagles, muskoxen, grizzlies and the most formidable of all bears, the polar bear.

3.? Kenai Fjords National Park ? A Kayakers dream in the south of Alaska, one can encounter humped back whales, glide across waters teeming with playful porpoises, watch mountain goats on the jagged ridges of mountains and fjords that fill the coastline, see bear foraging for food along river banks, and cruise quietly through fjords and glacier-carved trails in Resurrection Bay.

4.? Wrangell-St. Elias National Park ? Incomparable beauty and natural diversity awaits the adventurer who chooses Wrangell-St. Elias as their Alaska travel destination. Larger than Rhode Island and Vermont combined, it is the largest national park in size. Here, one can visit abandoned and active gold mines, while coursing over tundra and upon the endless glaciers that dot this land and feed the many rivers and streams that meander through the park. Nine of the 16 major peaks in North America are found here, so mountaineers gear up! Skiing enthusiasts love the variety of wild, untouched slopes that are accessible only by plane.

5.? Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve ? Located on the interior of Alaska, this breathtaking park allows for world-class fishing and hunting, hiking, and backpacking. Rafting is also a primary attraction as the Yukon River sweeps quietly through the land, while the Charley is a whitewater enthusiasts dream. Peregrine falcons, bear, Dall sheep, caribou, and migrating birds call this land home. One can also visit the land of the great Alaskan gold rushes as the remnants of many sites still exist today.

From skiing to hiking, backpacking to fishing, one can experience the glorious natural offerings Alaska gives to the world at these locations. Conservation efforts have kept these locations immaculate for generations to enjoy. For more information on these sites visit Alaska Alpine Adventures.