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When searching for a tour, there are literally thousands of tours to choose from.? So how do you decide which tour is right for you?? My first recommendation for anyone seeking valuable advice, is to ask friends and family who have already traveled with the tour company you are considering.? But of course it is not always possible to source a friend who has the advice you are looking for.? These days, online reviews are a great go-to if you are looking for a little reassurance when it comes to choosing the right tour for you. ?

But how do you know you can trust the reviews you are reading?? At TravAddict we receive many tour review submissions, and after screening all reviews before we send them live, we make sure that each review includes enough relevant and valuable information.? Some reviews are always better than others, and here are some topics I recommend you look out for in order to know you are reading valuable advice:

– Does the reviewer talk about the tour leader and the value they added (or not) to the trip?

– Do they mention the accommodation, and detail their satisfaction/non-satisfaction with the quality?

– Do they provide their opinion of the value for money?

– Do they talk about the quality and/or convenience of the transportation used?

– Do they mention their opinion of the itinerary and if they thought it was a well planned trip?

If these five topics are covered, you are reading a well-rounded review.? You will notice that reviews with fewer detail, or reviews with too much detail on one topic can sometimes be too vague.? Reviews written with a focus on one element of a tour (i.e. only mentioning their opinion of the tour leader), will often be very little help to you, as there is a small possibility that you will have the exact same tour leader when you travel.

As an ex-tour guide, I can vouch for the fact that the majority of travelers who have traveled with a well-established and popular tour company had a great time.? Those few that had a bad experience are more likely to share their opinion online, so make sure you take a step back when reading tour reviews, and pick and choose the advice you take to heart wisely!

TravAddict currently features tour reviews of the following companies:? G Adventures, Intrepid Travel, Tucan Travel, Gecko’s Adventures, Peregrine Adventures, Topdeck Travel, Busabout, Travel Talk Tours, Italy on a Budget, Shamrocker Adventures and Haggis Adventures.