girl with suitcaseIf you are willing to travel on a whim, then you are in a good position to save some serious money on your next adventure.? When it comes to tours, there is always a dedicated number of spaces available for any given tour.? Of course, any tour company would ideally like to fill every space, so when it comes down to to the last few months before departure, tour companies will often discount upcoming tours if they are not yet sold out.

However, be warned that there can also be cons when waiting last minute to book your tour.? Last minute flights tend to go up in price vs down, and if you have your heart set on a specific tour or departure date, waiting till last minute in the hopes it doesn?t sell out, is always a huge gamble.? But, if the stars align and you can find a great flight deal that goes along with a discounted tour, or you are already on a backpacking adventure and are currently close to the departing city, then last minute tour discounts are definitely worth checking out.

Here are some of our favorite last minute specials at the moment:

– Up to 20% off worldwide last minute tours with Gecko?s Adventures

– 40% off last minute departures on G Adventures Peru Amazon Riverboat Adventure

– Up to 30% off last minute tours to Europe with Topdeck Travel

– Up to 25% off last minute adventures with Intrepid Travel