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Absolute Egypt 16 Days | 1,899 USD
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Absolute Egypt

Visits: Egypt

Dig deep and discover the riches of Egypt's geography, culture and, of course, archaeology, on this ...

Alexandria Experience - Independent 3 Days | 875 USD
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Alexandria Experience - Independent

Visits: Egypt

Constructed in the 3rd century BC, the Library of Alexandria was the largest library of the ancient ...

Budget Egypt 8 Days | 699 USD
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Budget Egypt

Visits: Egypt

This compact adventure offers maximum Egypt at minimum cost. Stare in amazement at the pyramids and ...

Cairo Experience - Independent 4 Days | 550 USD
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Cairo Experience - Independent

Visits: Egypt

The vast burial ground of Saqqara was used for some 3500 years, but many of its archaeological gems ...

Cape & Dunes Discoverer 12 Days | 1,899 USD
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Cape & Dunes Discoverer

Visits: Namibia, South Africa

From desert scenery to white-sand beaches and the cosmopolitan streets of Cape Town, witness the div...

Delta & Falls Discoverer 8 Days | 1,699 USD
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Delta & Falls Discoverer

Visits: Botswana, Namibia, Zambia

Journey from Zambia and Botswana and across Namibia on a classic African adventure that includes the...

Dunes, Deltas & Falls Discoverer 18 Days | 3,549 USD
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Dunes, Deltas & Falls Discoverer

Visits: Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, South Africa

This 18-day journey through four African countries hits the highlights and is perfect for the advent...

Egypt Explorer 12 Days | 2,299 USD
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Egypt Explorer

Visits: Egypt

Encompassing Egypt?s greatest highlights and a 3-day luxury Nile cruise, this adventure enhances a w...

Jerusalem Experience - Independent 5 Days | 2,580 USD
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Jerusalem Experience - Independent

Visits: Israel

The Dome of the Rock is the oldest existing Islamic monument in the world. According to tradition, t...

Jordan Explorer - Independent Journey 8 Days | 2,012 USD
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Jordan Explorer - Independent Journey

Visits: Jordan

“Mansaf is the national dish of Jordan. Flaky bread serves as the platter on which the meal is...