If you love to experience scenic beauty while you travel, then visiting Trollstigen or Trolls Pass in Norway is a trip you should consider.? Trolls Pass is a road that zig-zags across the mountain ranges between the small and picturesque towns of Andalsnes and Valldal.? This is the northern gateway to the western fjords of Norway, and where the journey gets a little more rugged, so for many travelers this is as close as they get to the? true fjord area of Norway.? BUT, the extra distance is worth it, and Trolls Pass is the first road you are likely to take that will convince you to keep traveling deeper into the magical fjords of Norway.?

The views along the way boast green rolling hills beside steep mountain cliffs, and waterfalls.? At the top of the pass is the Stigfossen Falls, which are worth getting out of the car for and taking the 10 minute walk to view the falls close up.? There is a pedestrian walkway and staircase that leads you to the top of the falls, where the water drops away 300 meters under the bridge into the valley.? The road is quite narrow, and can almost be as narrow as a one way street at times, with cars pulling over to let cars coming in the opposite direction pass on the steep mountain side road.? The slow pace of driving is a great asset however, as it allows you to take in everything around you are you drive over the pass.? There are quite a few opportunities along the journey to pull over out of the way of traffic and get out of the car to snap a few shots and take in the view.? If you are taking your time and stopping along the way, the trip is likely to take you a few hours from one side of the pass to the other.

Trolls Pass is only open during the summer and spring months, due to the heavy snow fall and short daylight in the Autumn and the Winter, so when you are planning your tour to Europe and you would like to visit the Norwegian Fjords, make sure you plan this part of your trip during the Summer of the Spring.