gorillaOne of the most amazing animal encounters you can have is the chance to see mountain gorillas up close in the wild. This is a very rare and priceless experience that very few people ever get the chance to enjoy. If you want to go on an expedition to meet gorillas face-to-face, keep reading to find out what you need to know about this epic adventure.

Where to Go

Obviously, you will need to get yourself to Africa to see gorillas in the wild. They are an endangered species that only exist in a small part of Africa. You will need to go to Uganda, Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of the Congo if you want to go on an affordable tour to see mountain gorillas.

Finding the Gorillas

You will need to go with an experienced guide to find the gorillas. They are very elusive creatures, and you will have to trek for several hours through rough, mountainous country to have a chance to see them. This means that you need to be in excellent physical condition to make the trek. Most of the guides will not take anyone who is under 15 years of age on an expedition to search for gorillas. Also, because disease passes easily back and forth between humans and apes, you cannot go on the tour if you are sick or showing any signs of illness.

Rules When You Find the Gorillas

The gorillas that you will see have become used to humans, but that tolerance only goes so far. You must be cautious around these very large and potentially dangerous animals. You are typically not allowed to get closer than five meters from the gorillas. Also, flash photography is strictly forbidden. The flash will upset them. No one is allowed to eat or drink around the gorillas. Of course, no food or drink is to be given to the animals either.

You cannot make loud noises around the gorillas, and you are not allowed to try and touch them. However, because the gorillas are used to humans, they sometimes will come up and interact with people. They may even touch you and play with you if you are really lucky.

This is a magical experience that you will never forget. If you want to see gorillas, you will have to pay a fee of several hundred dollars a day for the chance to track them. It is well worth it for the adventure of a lifetime.

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