Munich, Germany

Munch is Germany’s second most visited city, and is probably best known for hosting the world’s biggest beer festival – Oktoberfest……and Travaddict can vouch for the fact that is one of the best experiences ever! Oktoberfest began in 1810 when Prince Ludwig (later King Ludwig I) Married Theresa. Prince Ludwig loved beer and it is said he would drink 12 litres of beer in one sitting. Prince Ludwig invited the town to his wedding celebration with 40 000 guests. Today Oktoberfest draws approx. 6 million visitors over 2 weeks, and an average of 10 000 litres of beer are consumed each day.

The Hofbrauhaus in Munich is probably the most popular permanent beer hall in Germany, and it seats 4000 people in one sitting. It is a must visit when in Munich, we suggest dinner for pork knuckle and great beer.

While at the Hofbrauhous you will hear the Germans sing a 2-line song every now and then while swaying their beers in the air. Learn the words and join in!
Ein Pro-sit, ein Pro-sit… der Gemut-lich-keit
Loosely translated it means: Cheers to the way beer makes you feel, and to drinking with friends. Also, if you tell the oompa band that it one of your birthdays, they might come over to your table and play happy birthday and a few other oompa songs:-)

Munich is definitely all about Beer, and another great place to drink it is the Hirschgarten. This is Munich’s biggest beer garden. The idea of beer halls and gardens became a reality in 1589 when imported beer began interfering with the Prince’s balance of payments. His chief accountant suggested a local brewery and beer hall to encourage the townspeople to drink the local beer, and the town was saved!

So, if you love a good quality beer, and you love the atmosphere of a great pub with great food and friendly locals, Munich is a city you must visit!