If you have watched the news in the past few days, it is likely you would have seen the travel warnings the USA has sent out about traveling to Europe.  Today there are other countries releasing warnings, and it is making travelers nervous.  While watching the news this morning they reported that internet searches on flights to Europe have decreased by one third since the travel warnings were released only two days ago.  I agree that it is important to take note of travel warnings and set your caution level to high, but canceling your trip is a big call.

In 2001 I was set to graduate from college in Australia at the beginning of November, and move to the USA for a 4 month working holiday.  When the tragic September 11th attacks hit in the USA, my trip was well and truly planned and booked.  Everyone who knew about my travel plans advised me to cancel everything and go to Europe, but the person who’s advice I value the most disagreed.  My mum.  She simply said one thing that has stuck with me for life.
‘If you always stopped yourself from doing something because you were afraid, you would never do anything.  The important thing is to be cautious, not afraid.  I think you should go.’

And so I went, and it was the best decision I ever made.  So my point is, if you are booked to travel to Europe, or you are thinking of traveling to Europe, take my Mum’s advice and be cautious, not afraid.  Have your wits about you when you are in crowded tourist areas, or better yet, consider taking the beaten path this time, and do the popular tourist sights next time.  The beaten path is just as good!

TravAddict suggests you check out Intrepid Travel, G Adventures, and Tucan Travel for some great options for traveling to Europe’s lesser known areas.  They will have you in awe just as much if not more than the popular sights, and they are usually cheaper too!