My Favorite Edinburgh Street

In light of it being Halloween, I wanted to recognize one of the scariest travel experiences I have had. I can?t say that I would go out of my way to book a ghost tour on my travels (I can?t even watch scary movies), but in Edinburgh, Scotland ghost tours are quite popular, so it was something I decided I had to do. Our tour started off walking the streets of Edinburgh by nightfall, and our guide, dressed in an old black dress, was very theatrical and interesting. Her witch and ghost stories about the history of Edinburgh were capturing and intriguing, and I was having a good time. After all, what is so scary about being outside with a group of people, right? I was finding the tour very entertaining…….until she led us into the haunted underground vaults. It was dark, and incredibly scary given the combination of the theatrics, the underground darkness, and the look of fear in everyone else on the tour. I found myself clutching onto the sleeves of strangers as I walked through the vaults, wanting to turn back, but I had to keep walking, because I wasn?t turning back alone. We were led through a number of vaults, and in the last vault I was so scared, I think I stopped listening to the guide for a while, hoping the time would pass quicker and easier. When the lights went out, and we were left in the pitch black of the vaults, I was then well and truly scared. After the horrifying experience in the vaults, we went to a bar and relieved our fears with a drink (I relieved mine with like 8).

While I was probably not the best candidate for enjoying a ghost tour, it is still something I would recommend doing when visiting Edinburgh, and if you like being scared, then I absolutely recommend it! I did this tour with Auld Reekie Tours, and I did the adults only tour, but I am sure the ones that allow children aren?t nearly as scary if you don?t think you can handle it! Ghost tours aside though, Edinburgh is an amazing destination which you should consider putting on your list of places to go on your Europe tour.? I will elaborate on my awesome trip to Edinburgh some other time, but in the meantime, enjoy Halloween, and keep it scary!