There are always essentials on a packing list, like your passport, your toothbrush and your underwear, but there are also things to consider taking with you that you may not have thought of.  When embarking on a budget tour/adventure trip, 5 star luxuries will not be at your fingertips, so you have to improvise.  The TravAddict team has composed a list of things to ‘never leave home without’ based on our travel experiences:
– Hand Sanitizer.  Clean bathrooms and soap can often be hard to come by
– Sunscreen:  This is not always something you can readily buy when you are hiking in the sun in a remote area
– A universal power adapter:  This seems to be something that is often forgotten!
– Toilet paper:  It is common to encounter public bathrooms with no toilet paper
– A mini flashlight.  When returning to a campsite or a hostel room late at night while everyone is sleeping, it can be challenging to find your way without turning the light on!  A flashlight on your keyring can be a lifesaver.
– A photocopy of your passport!  It is always so heartbreaking to see someone go through the ordeal of losing a passport, and then taking longer to replace it because they do not have a copy of the details.