I had recently stumbled across an online article that featred a secret train station in New York.? The article claimed that if you get on New York?s #6 subway and ride it to the Brooklyn Bridge station, you can stay on the train while it turns around and get a glimpse of New York?s ?secret train station?.? Having been to New York many times, I was surprised that I had never heard of this!? The ?secret station? is actually New York?s old Central Station, and has been closed for many years.? It was built in 1904, and it is probably best known for being used as a set in the film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.? It is apparently quite beautiful, and before September 11 there were plans to turn the old station into a museum.? But after September 11 the plans were never completed.? The station is apparently very well preserved, and these pictures I found on Flickr show it:

New York City Subway Old City Hall StationCity Hall secret subway station

So on a recent trip to New York, visiting the secret train station was on the top of my list.? I caught the #6 train to the Brooklyn Bridge station, and so far so good.? I was not told I had to exit the train, and I stayed on for the train?s turn-around.? I thought maybe there might be others who had heard of the secret station, and join me.? But alas, I was the only one on the train.? We moved quite slowly in the pitch black for a few minutes, and then the train stopped in its tracks for what was probably 5 minutes, but it seemed like an eternity to a single female alone on the New York subway.? At least I felt assured in the fact that I was actually the only person crazy enough to stay on the train, so I was relatively safe.? As the train started moving again, I had my camera ready and was eagerly awaiting a glimpse of this magical train station that ?no one knows about?.? Do you want to see what I saw?

Nothing.? Just pitch black.? It would have been helpful to know that if there is in fact a ?secret train station?, you aren?t going to see it because the lights aren?t on!? So, I left the train confused.? I wasn?t sure if we actually passed a train station but I didn?t see it because it was not lit, or if I was scammed and spent an hour of my day in New York exploring a ?secret? that does not exist.? I contemplated getting back on the train and going for another round, holding my hands to my face against the glass hoping to catch a glimpse, but I figured what is the point?? If I do actually see anything, it won?t be much.? So I gave it a miss and headed to Magnolia?s for a cupcake:-)

I was however very curious when I arrived home why someone would claim there is a hidden train station if it doesn?t actually exist.? So I did a little research, and there is a lot of information online claiming you can see this hidden train station on the number 6 train!? I also found this youtube video:

These guys saw a whole lot more than I did, and even they didn?t see much! So, I guess my point its, if you read travel advice online (and no, I don?t exclude my own advice), make sure you do a little more research before you decide to spend your time exploring something that might be a major disappointment.? For those of you that actually do want to visit New York?s old Central Station, the MTA Museum offers limited tours of the station throughout the year.? Maybe you could plan to ride the train on a day that a tour is scheduled to ensure the lights will at least be on!