If you love scenery, then you will love Milford Sound in New Zealand. New Zealand prides itself on its natural wonders, and Milford Sound in the South Island of New Zealand is the most visited, and the most beautiful natural wonder in the country. Milford Sound is a fjord land, where you will see magical peaked mountains that rise out of mazes of waterways, with spectacular waterfalls around every corner. Most visitors to the Sound take a 1-2 hour boat ride through the waterways to see the best of the scenery, but there is also the option to take an overnight boat trip through the Sound. These overnight boat trips are hard to book, as there are very few companies that offer them. The great thing about taking the overnight boat trip, is that when you wake in the morning, you and your fellow passengers are the only people on the Sound. The peacefulness of the Sound when there is no one else there is astounding! The other great perk about taking an overnight boat trip on Milford Sound is when you go kayaking after all the day-trip boats head back to the mainland, the seals come in droves to say hi and show off for you! Intrepid Travel is one of the very few tour companies that offers an overnight boat trip in Milford Sound. Check out Intrepid’s 10 day South Island Adventure tour, which offers this highlight.