IMG_0540As a new year approaches, new tours are launched, and those that book their 2014 tours early are often rewarded.? Tour companies are always looking for ways to keep their travelers interested, so new tour itineraries are often created as a new year approaches.? To show off their new travel creations, it is common for tour companies to launch their new tours with a generous ‘Early Bird’ discount.? If you are a traveler who likes to be organized and plan ahead, October is a great month to book your travels for 2014.? Here are a few of our favorite discounted new itineraries available:

Topdeck Travel Eastern Escape Tour – 10% off 2014 departures when you book during October

This tour starts and ends in Prague, and travels to some of the finest cities in Eastern Europe. This in-depth tour visits the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria.? Stay in Hotel Gellert in Budapest, take a boat trip on the River Danube, see a concert in Vienna, visit Auschwitz in Poland and much more on this comprehensive Topdeck tour in Eastern Europe.

Talk Timeless Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam Tour- Take a friend for free on 2014 departures when you book during October

Explore the diverse and fascinating cultures of Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam on this tour through the Southeast Asian peninsula of Indochina. The indigenous kingdoms and ancient temples are a unique drawing card along with the contrasting landscapes from forested mountains to the beautiful and unspoilt beaches. Experience the diverse lifestyles ranging from the busy, bustling streets and markets in the major cites to the quaint and simple local villages and communities. Indochina has something to offer anyone from trekking, tubing and rock climbing to relaxing with tropical fruits and fun cocktails on secluded white sand beaches. Combine these three diverse and yet complimenting countries for a true Indochina experience you?ll never forget.

Tucan Travel Inca Trek Tour – 15% off 2014 departures when you book during October

Approach the awe-inspiring ruins that are Machu Picchu in the most authentic way possible trekking through the land of the Incas. The Inca Trail Trek will take you over high Andean passes and across original Inca stone pathways before you arrive at the Lost City of the Incas. The Inca Trail is the primary route of this package when permits are available.

Intrepid Travel Mayan Discovery Tour – 15% off 2014 departures when you book during October

Dive into the sun and fun of Mexico and travel to Belize and Guatemala on an all-encompassing adventure. This tour is a heady mix of volcanic beauty, ancient Mayan ruins, sparkling Caribbean beaches and colourful colonial towns. Travelling from Mexico?s famous beachside city, Cancun, to the idyllic shores of Playa del Carmen, this trip combines cultural highs with active adventures. Learn Mayan secrets at the famous ruins in Tikal and experience an official new Wonder of the World, Chichen Itza, in Mexico.

Gecko?s Adventures Feel the Burm Tour – 14% off all departures before September 2014 when you book during October

When we talk about getting off the beaten track, we?re talking about Burma: hill tribes who?ve never seen foreigners, one-legged rowing fisherman, 2000 temples in one valley and a balancing rock held in place by Buddha?s hair. Did someone say bragging rights?