A follow up to our August 8 posting. ?Make sure you read that one too!

Today I’m writing about 3 more stunning locations: Bunaken, Peucang, and Wakatobi. ?You can find tours to these islands as well as others on our Tours to Asia page.


scuba diving bunaken

With 17,000 islands, it is quite difficult to find the perfect beach getaway in Indonesia. Sulawesi with its surrounding islands and mini-archipelagos offers without doubt some of the country?s finest beaches. Bunaken is a small island of just 8 km?, located north-west of Manado, the largest city in the north of Sulawesi. You can get to Manado from Jakarta or Denpasar via Makassar. A ferry connects Bunaken with Manado and takes about one hour.

The island is famous for its clear water and large marine biodiversity, hence making it another perfect place for diving and snorkelling. Rest assured you can stretch your legs on the beach and sipping on a fresh coconut without the company of many tourists. ?A must see for those seeking a unique experience.


Wildlife of Pecuang

Pecang Island is part of the Ujung Kulon National Park, located just off the shores of western Java. It is relatively easy to reach if you enter Indonesia from its main hubs Jakarta or Bali, as you can conveniently travel overland by bus from the capital or the Island of Gods via Yogykarta and Jakarta. The island is an ideal place to stay if you are en route to Mount Krakatau. Crystal clear turquoise water invites you to jump in or to do a relaxing stroll on the beach. The beach has a direct border with its jungle forest. Don’t be surprised if you see curious monkeys running around or wild deer.


Hidden gem of Indonesia

Wakatobi can be considered as one of Indonesia?s hidden gems: these picturesque islands are located south of Sulawesi and comprises of the four main islands, Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko and a number of smaller ones. In order to get there you can fly to Makassar and get a connecting flight to Wangi Wangi or a direct flight from Denpasar to Tamia. Leave your footprints behind in the white sandy beach, relax under the shadow of coconut trees or go for diving and snorkelling. If you want to explore the other islands, you can hop onto one of the fast boats with regular schedule, connecting the main islands.