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Essentials of China

Trip: Essential China I was very disappointed in this trip. I have been travelling for a number of years and this has been the worst experience I have had with respect to transportation and accommodation.
The three 17 hour overnight train rides were dirty, noisey and provided only a hole in the floor(tolilet?) for over 100 passengers. The sheets, mattresses and pillows were stained and not changed between
passengers. The public bus which we travelled on for over seven hours with
out air conditioning in 34C left me feeling nauseated. We hauled our heavy luggage for hours in crowded hot metro stations to get to our accommodation. The
hotels with the exception of Beijing were rundown with leaky showers and filthy carpets. On a brighter note I thouroughly enjoyed the sites we saw on this tour and our guide Jakkie was a ray of sunshine in this country. I have experienced home stays and public transportation around the world on other tours however by comparison gadventures was not considering client safety and comfort in the Essentials of China Tour. There are better means of accommodation and travel in China which would have given this trip a much higher rating. Clearly
gadventure should provide them to met
the standards of
customers service they purport.

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Started well finished sour

Trip: London to Istanbul by Rail This tour was a wonderful experience until leaving Budapest. This tour was meant to be a rail tour and from Romania we were switched predominately onto buses which kind of defeats the purpose of the tour. It wasn't just the point of being placed onto buses, it's also the fact that GAdventures didn't advise that this would possibly be the case and didn't even say anything until the night before that we'd be shoved onto bus. There was no toilet stops and the whole tour seemed to turn into some big rush to get to the destinations. They passed it off as saying the trains can be running late up to 6 hours or so and that was their reason. Upon doing some research I discovered the train hasn't run from Plovdiv in Bulgaria to Istanbul since approx. 2006. I find this to be misleading and am very dissatisfied with the way this whole tour panned out with secrets and misleading tour itinerary. I was looking forward to doing some more tours with GAdventures until I experienced this misleading tactic and the fact they seem to think that going by bus was the better option. If I wanted to travel by bus, I would book a bus tour. You found this review helpful.

Disappointing Experience

Trip: Ultimate Turkey We have just returned from our Ultimate Turkey Tour we booked with G Adventures feeling very disappointed and sad about the whole experience.

We have done quite a lot of round trips with different travel companies over the last year but have never experienced such a low quality before. First of all we were extremely disappointed by the poor quality of the hotels on this tour. We didn't expect any luxury or comfort at all although we have got much better hotels for a similar price before and Turkey is not really an expensive country. Since we booked the classic tour we expected at least clean rooms with accessible bathrooms and functioning Internet, all things which were not guaranteed in some of the hotels we stayed at. When we talked to our guide about these points he just mentioned the G Adventures style of travelling which focuses on family-run, central hotels. This is in fact a good idea but it was simply not true for most of the hotels. Some were not that central (the one in Cappadocia) or far away from the optional activities we could do (beach and museum in Antalya). So what's the point of staying in a shabby, noisy 'central' hotel when you still have to take public tranport to get to any of the places of interest?

Furthermore we were disappointed by the lack of structure the whole tour had. Honestly speaking, everyone with a good guide book could have organised a better trip. Yes, the tour included some of the classic highlights Turkey has to offer, but it also left out a lot. We were surprised about the huge amount of free time we had, especially in places where there was not much to do and see (like Selcuk or Canakkale). Oddly enough we did only have two hours for places like Pamukkale and Hierapolis, which would have needed much more time. When we asked our guide why we left out for example the ancient ruins of Pergamon, which would have been exactly on our way but stayed instead in a crowded, uninteresting place like Ayvalik, he explained that after visiting Ephesos people wanted to spend another day at a beach. I agree that expectations are different, but the beach there was not even nice and public transport was required to get there! So again, what is the point of skipping popular attractions of a region whithout offering any attractive alternative programme? It seemed to us that places had been chosen more because of cheap hotel rates rather than interesting sights.

We could have tolerated the above issues as being part of a different `style?of travelling which we have not experienced so far.
But what made us really angry and led to our cancellation of our last week of the tour was how G Adventures reacted to the incident of a terrorist attack in a town in the southeastern part of Turkey which happened during the beginning of the second week of our trip. After we had read about this incident we checked the travel advice pages of several foreign offices. All of them adviced travellers against all but essential travel to the regions which the Eastern Turkey tour would have partly covered. We felt very concerned about this and asked our guide about advice. He didn't seem to be concerned at all and told us that there was no need to worry and that there had never been any incidents before (does that make you feel more secure after a bomb attack???).
Honestly speaking, we did not have the impression that our concerns were taken seriously. When writing to a G Adventures representative about this we got the answer that their team had advised that we would still be far enough away from the dangerous regions (are 50 km really a far distance?) and that there would be a 100% cancellation fee for us in case we cancelled the tour.
We decided to follow our foreign office's advice and cancelled our last week in Turkey.
Reading about further violent incindents in the southeast regions of Turkey and the declaration of war of Turkey's president against the terrorist organisations we are happy to be safe back at home.

Nevertheless we are still disappointed about G Adventures? handling of this situation. It seems to us the company is not really interested in customer satisfaction and places profit even above the safety of their travellers.

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Highs and Lows

Trip: Amazon Riverboat Adventure aboard the Amatista

My girlfriend and I just returned from the 9 day tour aboard the Amatista touring the Amazon River.

We arrived in Lima from a few days in Miami. The G Adventures rep met us at the airport and we were transported to the Dazzler Hotel. Fantastic hotel, great service and food. We met our G Adventure rep Gladys. An amazing girl!!! I can't say enough good things about her! She really cares about people. We flew to Iquitos to board the Amatista. The common areas are quite nice but I have a few complaints. The air conditioning in the staterooms was minimal and leaked water from the duct work onto the floor. The room and ductwork was full of black mold...you could smell it and I believe was the reason some passengers got sick. The food was quite good but be prepared to pay $8.00 for a mixed drink (a 26 ounce bottle of Bacardi sells for less than $8.00 in Lima. The staff aboard the Amatista were excellent especially Edgar. The tours were great although geared to an older crowd. I have completely different views of the Naturalist guides. Hulber was excellent, knowledgeable, friendly with a great sense of humour. He really did his best to make the trip a fantastic experience. Robinson on the other hand was knowledgeable but very arrogant and very much full of Robinson. He was always pushing us to donate MORE money! The story about how he spent 1000 Sols on celebrating his family members birthdays and how he was rewarded with making 5000 Sols for his generosity was too much! He talked for over 30 minutes after dinner about how our generosity would be rewarded by us making more money if we gave more money! In conclusion it was not a bad trip but I don't think I would recommend this. It was an upgraded Comfort Level trip. Hotel yes. Amatista common areas yes. Rooms horrible if you are allergic to mold.

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An Incredible Trip

Trip: Peru Tour

My wife and I decided to take the Peru tour package from G Adventures. We were initially pleased with the amount of amenities that were included in the package, but didn?t feel at the time that the trip could possibly live up to the promises that were made. Boy, were we wrong! The trip was incredible starting with the incredible scenery and mountainous splendor that is Peru. The countryside alone was more than worth the price of the trip, but we go so much more instead.

The hotels were first class and quite accommodating, helping us to feel at home even though we were in a country unlike any other we have visited. Our travels took us to the many different villages in the valley regions which was a unique cultural experience to say the least. We were so impressed with the people who live in this remarkable area of Peru and had little difficulty ingratiating ourselves with the villagers who have been keeping the traditions of their past for hundreds of years.

Our guide was superb in telling us about the history and the sights of the region that we were visiting, pointing out what was going on as well as informing us about past events in the area. We could not have asked for a better guide for our trip. Finally, talk about the perfect group for the tour, we were among people in different age groups that really made for a wonderful experience. I cannot recommend the G Adventures tour package enough!

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Unorganized b4 getting us on board

Trip: The Realm of the Polar Bear

Realm of the Polar Bears with G Adventure - they were so unorganized before getting us on board.

On the FlyBuss Voucher (a transportation voucher from Longyearbyen Airport to Radisson Blu Polar Hotel Spitsbergen), it's written "Please present this voucher to the G Adventure Representative on arrival". Well, no G Adventure Representative ever showed up!?!?! We were not the only two that were waiting for this representative. A group of over 20 American tourists, one couple, a lady tourist were also waiting. When everyone else at this small airport picked up their luggages & boarded the only bus to town, we all had no choice but hopped on. Instead of giving the voucher to a G adventure Representative, we gave it to the bus driver.

Upon arrival to Radisson Blu Polar Hotel Spitsbergen, we presented our hotel voucher to the receptionist. Then we were told we were not booked to stay at this hotel but at another hotel up the hill, 20 mins walk from the town centre (but the voucher clearly stated Radisson Blu Polar Hotel Spitsbergen!). We tried to locate the G Adventure Representative but we were told that she was on the Expedition Ship & couldn't be reached. After so many hours of travelling (from Hong Kong to Longyearbyen, more than 20 hours!!!), we were so stressed by this terrible situation. The receptionist suggested that we took a taxi because it would be too hard to walk up the hill with heavy luggages. And again we had no choice but to get into the taxi, it costed us 89 Nor for a 5 mins taxi ride.

At almost 10pm that evening, we received a letter from G Adventure notifying us about the change of hotel due to occupancy availability at the Radisson Blu Polar Hotel. In short, they bumped us off and notified us 8 hours later without a word of apology!!!! Only if there was a representative at the airport (as arranged), picking us up and letting us know the change of hotel, everything would be fine and no stress for us. Although they reimbursed the two way taxi fares to us, this was a big hiccup before the trip.

We went through a Hong Kong travel agent called Country Holidays Limited ( www.countryholidays.com.hk ) to book this trip and of course we held them responsible too.

Luckily, everything went smoothly once we were on board the ship. The Expedition Leaders were very pleasant & professional and so were the rest of the staff onboard. Lectures & presentations were well planned & informative

Response from G Adventures

Thank you for passing this on. It concerns me greatly that these difficulties occurred at the beginning of a trip of a lifetime. On behalf of over one thousand people who work so hard to make this company great every day, I apologize. The difficulties encountered should never have occurred - however they did.

We have used the Flybus service for some time in Spitsbergen without incident. However this episode has shone a light on the fact that the wording on our voucher is indeed lacking in this area. Subsequent to this event, we have included several sentences on the documentation that clearly explains the service and how to use the voucher.

In regard to the hotel change, I can see in our reservation system we did communicate the hotel change to the travel agency on 3rd of April. I can only assume this e-mail did not make it to your attention and resulted in the disappointment and frustration expressed. We refunded the cost of the taxi between the two hotels onboard.

In the interests of doing the right thing here, I have processed a refund for the first nights accommodation in Spitsbergen (USD$345). It is my hope this will draw a line under this matter, and address all the pre cruise issues experienced.

I was thrilled they enjoyed their time onboard the MS Expedition, and these initial hiccups were not a constant theme.

If there is anything more I can do to be of assistance, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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Breathtaking, well organised, trip of a lifetime!

Trip: Antarctica Classic

16 Feb - 26 Feb 2014

I booked my trip through an agent so didn't deal with G until I arrived in Ushuaia the day before we embarked.

Pre-boarding organisation was great, despite the hotel lobby being quite hectic. Sebastian is a gem - so helpful, full of energy and definitely not short of a smile!

Upon boarding I found myself in a quad share room, despite my confirmation travel voucher from G stating I was in twin share. I had booked the quad but was pretty excited about receiving an upgrade, so that was a bit disappointing when it didn't eventuate. The other 3 girls in my room had also had an upgrade to twin confirmed and we were unable to get any information from anyone on the ship about why it had been changed back. You shouldn't give an upgrade and then take it away with no explanation!

Despite that, the trip was amazing. The ships Filo crew were absolutely faultless. The G CEOs were very knowledgable and for the most part very social and friendly (there were a few who seemed to struggle with even an easy "hi", but no big deal really).

The ship itself (MS Expedition) was very comfortable (apart from the pillows) and clean (kudos to the crew). It's not a big ship so it's easy to find your way around. Being a seasickness sufferer I found the Discovery Lounge pretty claustrophobic during the lectures and whole ship meetings (curtains all kept closed so it was dark and you couldn't see the horizon), but sitting towards the back for a quick exit helped.

The jackets you get to keep are great... Although they were a lot smaller than the original size chart/measurements that were provided. It wasn't an issue though, as you were able to try on different sizes and get one that fit properly.

The food was amazing. The kitchen and wait staff were amazing. It was my birthday while on the ship so I got bubbly, a cake and was serenaded with guitar and singing. Win!

Antarctica itself... There really aren't any words to accurately describe how breathtakingly amazing that place is. I'm so glad I stopped dreaming about going and just went! Zodiac trips were very safe and well managed.

We had perfect weather. And by perfect, I mean perfect. Going down we had the Drake Lake which rated a 0 on a scale of 1 to 10. We got to do every single one of our planned landings PLUS an extra one because we made such good time getting down there. DO NOT expect this. The G team told us that they couldn't remember the last time they had weather so good on one of their trips.

I did the camping while I was there. Huge thumbs up to CEO Dave. Everything went very smoothly. It wasn't the most comfortable (is camping ever? Haha) but I was more than warm enough and doing it has made me the envy of my family and friends!

I highly recommend doing this trip with G. Everything went super smoothly, the ship was comfy and warm and the photos I have as memories are stunning (I can hardly believe I took them!).

Being a well travelled solo explorer, "group" trips aren't my thing, but this was a trip I would do again without hesitation. I also wouldn't hesitate to go on another G trip... To the point where I have just booked to go to Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe with G in September this year!

Great tour, administrative incompetency

Trip: Antarctica Classic

The rating should really be 5 stars for the tour itself and 1 for the actual booking of the tour.

Tour itself: excellent program, the ship is clean and comfortable. There are sufficient CEOs for the number of passengers. The expedition leader planned things well and everyone was pleasant and friendly. Can't say enough about the tour itself. Food was great and the hotel and wait staff were great. Met all expectations and made me wish I was going on another trip on the MS Expedition.

Admin side: we were NOT informed that a SeaCourses program had booked the majority of the ship. We arrived at the first day's briefing and the assumption by all was that everyone was informed of this beforehand and was fine with the fact that a good chunk of time the main social lounge would be off limits as it is used for the SeaCourses program. And we were told in no uncertain terms that we were not welcome in the lounge during those times. (Although we were allowed to fetch a tea or coffee, as long as we left immediately and drank it elsewhere.) Rather inconvenient especially since the lounge was also the entrance to the bow of the ship.

Had other issues as well with jacket sizing. It appears that G offers a parka to all passengers, but moved away from the nice Canada Goose jackets. No one was able to tell me who the new company is. (We were asked for measurements before the trip so our parkas could be ordered. Great in theory but the measurements I took made no sense. Tried to ask what company is making the jackets so I could go to a retail store to determine correct sizing but G customer service reps refused to say. Guess I should have known then they wouldn't be Canada Goose this year.) Suspect it's a cost cutting move and the jackets may be made in an unspecified garment factory somewhere, but main issue is that the jacket sizes everyone ordered didn't fit. It was a widespread problem, enough so that everyone just tried on a jacket and took whatever worked best.

In addition nobody could tell me what toiletries would be offered on board the MS Expedition, which was just bizarre. Not exactly the first time they are doing this tour. Was the shampoo expected to run out at some point and nobody wants to be held accountable? I was finally told, after asking at least 3 times, to bring everything I thought I would need, "just in case". This isn't a big deal if you are coming from home directly but many people going to Antarctica are coming in from elsewhere and may have been travelling for awhile, and travelling light. As an example I flew 41 hours (not including layovers) from Hong Kong to get to Ushuaia. Having to bring every toiletry I would need, including a towel (because no one would tell me if even the ship had towels) was a major inconvenience in terms of baggage. This is on top of having to pack bulky winter gear. For future reference, there were plenty of toiletries on the ship and it was a very comfortable room.

In general the administrative side was useless. I am giving one star on the admin side purely for the fact that I was booked successfully.

*** this point below does not relate to Antarctica tour but is relevant to G as a company.

As a follow up, because the Antarctica tour itself was so fantastic, I am currently trying to book a safari in Kenya and Tanzania with G. Have called their sales line 3 times so far and was asked to call back again. The reason: the tour I am looking for is being held by a group of people. It's been on hold by them for more than 48 hours already (each time I called, the hold is supposed to expire the next day at 5pm Toronto EST). Apparently G gives preferential treatment to groups (see Peru review from 2012 by someone else for an even worse example.) I was told that because it's a group, they ignore the 48 hour holding period policy as well as the fact that there are people on the waiting list. I've been told to call again tomorrow to see if the group has made a decision. I'm definitely feeling like a second class customer right now.

Response From G Adventures

G Adventures is disappointed the experience onboard the MS Expedition was let down by the issues and concerns around other parts of your experience. We would like to take a moment and address these by reply.

SeaCourses Program
We apologize for any intrusion or awkwardness having this group onboard may have caused. We certainly understand how having them in the lounge would impede the ability to get to the bow of the ship, and we again apologize for this. For background information, the group did not start out the sized it ended up being. As time went on, more and more people were added to the group. The size of the group got to a point where we felt the right thing to do was notify other travellers to their presence onboard on 4th September, 2013. However, the oversight on our part was to not advise travellers who booked after sending this notification. This was exactly the case here, and we apologize once more.

In the 2012/13 Antarctic season, G Adventures provided complimentary Canada Goose Jackets to travellers booked in a Category 5 Suite (the highest category) only. In 2013/14 we have replaced this with a G Adventures private label Explorer Jacket for all travellers.?G Adventures is committed to partnering with factories and contractors that observe safe and ethical business practices. We believe that strong partnerships are the best way to drive improvements, and that supporting businesses that believe what we believe will convince others to adopt acceptable standards.
It is a noted consistent comment from travellers that jacket sizes are a little on the small size this season. We have taken this onboard, and are making the sizes a little larger for next Antarctic Season. This will be accompanied by improvements to the website with more clear instructions for measurements to pre order the correct sized jacket online. As a means of accommodating the correct size jackets for all travellers this season, we invite all guests to try on jackets once they are onboard. Traveller comfort and satisfaction is always our goal.?

Again, we apologize for the confusion around our messaging here. There are definitely some ares we can get better at. We have already taken steps to better inform our Sales team, as well as update the information available on our website. Thanks for helping us get better at what we do.

Kenya Booking
I can see that you and your travel companion are now confirmed on your tour to Kenya with us in July. I apologize for the confusion around the booking process. Again, this is something we can learn from, and get better at. I have passed this concern onto the right people within G Adventures.

We apologize for the issues surrounding your time onboard. However, we are delighted the experience as a whole was largely positive and rewarding.?

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Unique Experience

Trip: Cuba Libre

I am glad I chose to travel to Cuba with G Adventures. They ran a very slick tour which was very informative and helpful. I don't think I could have had such a nice experience without the tour. The homestay and the beaches were the highlights of the trip. The only thing I really wasn't impressed with was the food, but I think food in Cuba in general is pretty lame.

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Exceeded my expecations

Trip: Amazon to the Andes

I only have great things to say about G Adventures. The guides we had on this tour were top notch, and I was very impressed with the porters and the comfort they provided while hiking the Inca Trail. The G Lodge experience was well worth it, and also exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be traveling we G Adventures again in the future.

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Trip: Best of Egypt

G Adventures provided very Poor Hotels. The last hotel had leaking air-conditioning, and was in the noisiest corner of the town. It also had plenty of ants, so you can?t leave any food in your room. At one point there was a power outage without emergency lighting, and we had to walk up/down multiple floors in darkness. The hotels were three stars on paper but in reality I would give them zero stars. Old, not safe, no free drinking water or wifi etc in any of the hotels. One hotel had a safe in reception that was about it.

Only half of the temples and sight seeing locations are covered with this tour. You need to pay extra for tips which is paid as a lump sump to the tour guide (CEO) on day first day. There are many sight?seeing activities you need to pay for almost on a daily basis.?I paid 240 Pounds for one visit to two temples in Luxor, and the entrance only fee are :Luxor Temple 50 Pounds +Karnak Temple 65 Pounds= 115 Pounds. So you will be charged almost double by G Adventures. You need to take into consideration doubling the initial price of the tour to estimate your total travel cost.

On the last day the tour includes a flight from Luxor to Cairo, where you are left at the airport to meet your own flight arrangements after the tour. This flight was not worth it, as there is an international airport in Luxor so you do not need to fly to Cairo to make your own flight arrangements out of Egypt. You may waste a lot of time waiting in the Cairo airport since we reached Cairo airport at 8:15 am and the tour itinerary advised we would arrive sometime before 12pm. So we all had flights later in the afternoon and spent almost an entire day at the Cairo airport. I felt this was a deceptive and low quality tour in general.

Response from G Adventures:

Thank you for your additional thoughts on your time in Egypt with us. We were in contact with this traveller during, and after, the tour experience.

The standards of the hotels were without doubt below where they should have been on a couple of occasions. The pool being closed in Luxor was a blow for the group who were anticipating a refreshing dip. Most people commented on that on their tour evaluations. That said, the feedback from the group (apart from this traveller) was overall overwhelmingly positive, and they rated their overall experience as 9 or 10 out of 10.

The tour outlines what is included in terms of activities, and what activities are optional. We will look into seeing if the costs we have listed for optional activities are accurate - thanks you for helping us to get better at what we do.

This tour does indeed include a flight from Luxor to Cairo. Most of our travellers fly into and out of Cairo, and so there is a need to return there. Yes, Luxor does have an International airport, but this is unlikely to work for the majority of our travellers.

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China adventure tour- G adventures

Trip: China adventure

This is a relatively new tour, hence there are not many reviews for it yet. The overall experience in the tour was very positive and the main guide Charles Yang was very professional and knew his job very well. The tour has a lot of optional extras which will add to the cost as will the food which is mainly not included, this is clearly said in the itinery. Some of the accommodation is very basic but most is OK. The exception being a hotel in Yangshuo which ran a scam on 4 members of the tour group to falsely retain deposits. The hotel name was the 'Explorer' guesthouse and if you are interested in this trip it is worth seeing if G adventures still uses this place. If they are you should be careful! All things considered I would recommend this trip. The highlights were the trekking on the Great wall and also the trekking at the Longji rice terraces and cycling trip at Yangshuo. It is a good way to introduce China so long as you have a decent level of fitness to make the most of it.

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Exceeded expectations.

Trip: Inca Discovery Plus

From the time we landed in Lima until the morning we left Peru, G Adventures representatives took great care of us. Every rep we met went out of his way to provide extra and enthusiastic service - setting up a city tour of Lima, getting us to the airport on time for our flight to Cusco despite a collapsed bridge and a three hour traffic jam, translating for us in an internet caf?. In Cusco and on the Inca Trail, our guides were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, entertaining, encouraging and always there. They made sure the slowest members of our group were never left behind without delaying the fastest members. They were full of information about the history as well as the flora and fauna along the trail. The porters were amazing and I never knew camp food could taste so good. I cannot say enough positive things about this trip - it exceeded my friends and my expectations.

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Very poor experience and a loss of a lot of money

Trip: Lares Trek

Our Lares Trek was confirmed by our agent at STA Travel as an alternative to the Inca Trail that we had initially requested. Our agent informed us that the Lares Trek was very similar to the Inca Trail, just quieter and more beautiful. G Adventures also sent us a confirmation email, which included a link to the wrong 'trip details' for the Inca Trail. When questioned our STA agent said, "literally all details in those trip notes are the same for you, the only difference is that you are doing the Lares Trek instead of the Inca Trail day 3 and onwards." The email from G-Adventures also noted that our "final documentation will be sent by email 2 weeks before our departure." The fact that we were sent no such documentation did not bode well for the foreseeable trek.

On the 13th May we turned up at the stipulated meeting point, for our briefing. At this meeting the administrative incompitancies of STA Travel and G-Adventures continued to be highlighted. With little information, we found ourselves embarrassed and humiliated as everyone who was at the meeting had booklets of information. We were told important information about the Lares Trek for the first time, such as details of the itinerary, the packing list and the obligatory extra costs that the Lares Trek entailed. Having payed a considerable amount in advance for this trip, the last thing we were expecting was to have to take from our limited travel budget. We left unprepared and stressed, which started our "trip of a lifetime" on a bad note.

We would like to highlight the following as a significantly financial and emotional burden. On the 17th May we woke up in our campsite to very distressing news; a mule had died over night and another was in a critical state, both of which had been carrying our belongings and equipment for the previous 2 days. The clear sadness and panic of the horsemen impacted severely on our group; being witnesses to this emotional situation put us in a very difficult position, feeling collectively accountable for these terrible events. Our guide stressed the importance of these animals on their owners livelihoods and the disproportionately high price to buy another. Feeling responsible and guilt ridden, a fund was put together by all the group members of around $250. We would dread to think how we would feel if it was a horseman and not his mule who had died.

We are shocked by the lack of insurance that these contracted horsemen suffered, which we did not expect when booking through a globally established company like G-Adventures. If insurance had been correctly in place we would not have witnessed such an event or felt the brunt of its consequence.

We were obliged to carry our bags and were then taken past a field where the dead mule was exposed. As you could imagine this was a very upsetting scene. To avoid another uncomfortable situation we decided that it was only humane to cancel lunch to allow the horsemen to resolve the situation, again leading to further expenditure.

Throughout this emotionally straining day our guide was clearly very upset, unfriendly and distant. We were left mostly by ourselves to deal with the situation.

As a final point and "the cherry on the cake", we would like to make a disappointing note about the amount of trekking done, which was significantly less than stated. The reality is that we walked a total of 10 and a half hours, which is not remotely close to the 17 hours quoted on the G-Adventures site. To be honest we feel cheated out of a lot of money and lied to by our STA agent; we have been left saddened and disappointed with our experience.

Response from G Adventures:

Thank you for your well thought out review of your Lares Trek experience with us. We do take this feedback very seriously and we are sorry that this tour did not live up to your expectations. We are looking into your concerns regarding the documentation and will be in contact with you again soon about this. I also want to apologize for the unfortunate situation with the mules on this trek and I understand that this must have been distressing for all concerned. We have been in contact with our local operations office and have opened an investigation into this incident. I can assure you that all staff and guides are covered by insurance but we do need to investigate further to determine the cause of the incident and to see what better action could have been taken to minimize the impact to our clients and staff. Once again we will be in contact with you directly to discuss these issues.

G Adventures

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Trip: Rio de Janeiro - Lima

The tour was impressive. Each of our guides were friendly, helpful, and their knowledge was far beyond anything I was expecting. Machu Piccu was phenomenal and it was my favorite part of the tour. Pre-booking this was nerve racking, as there are limited permits for hiking the Inca Trail, and I didn?t want to miss out and have to take an alternative route. G Adventures had a good reservations team who helped out with my many questions and phone calls about the permit!

51 days is a long time to be on tour, and I would probably suggest to others to consider splitting it up by doing two separate tours, and take a week for some downtime (maybe in Buenos Aires), then doing the other half. I appreciated the amount of sights and activities packed into the tour, but the early mornings and long days can ware you out after a while. I recommend G Adventures to any of my friends or family of any age with an adventurous spirit (over 18 of course).

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Perfect for someone who loves the outdoors

Trip: Costa Rica

Costa Rica is beautiful, and if you love the outdoors you should go! I was very impressed with G, they ran a great trip. This is a 9 day trip, but it is really only 7 days of actual travel and sightseeing since the first day you simply check-in, and the last day the trip ends in the morning. I originally thought we wouldn't see much because we had so little time, but G packed in so much stuff, I was truly satisfied that I had a well-rounded experience in Costa Rica in only one week. We were always outdoors doing interesting and adventurous activities (I don't recommend if you aren't fit or adventurous), and everyone we met was so friendly and helpful. The accommodation was nice but simple, and our CEO was probably one of the best tour guides I have ever encountered.
I would recommend this trip to any one with little time, but who likes the outdoors and is looking for a trip that packs in lots of activities.

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Beijing to Hong Kong Express

Trip: Beijing to Hong Kong Express

This was an excellent 'whistle stop' tour of China. I suppose the clue was in the name but from the moment we arrived to the time we said goodbye this was high speed express tour which took in so many key tourist attractions from the Great Wall and Terracotta Army to the river cruises in Yangshou and skyscrapers of Hong Kong. We had a fantastic group of fellow travellers and we were led by a superb leader (Howard) who couldn't have been more helpful - he was consciencious, informative, knowledgeable, funny, hugely enthusiastic and rightly proud to show us around his native country. His clear objective was to ensure we all got a good insight into Chinese history and culture, that we were always safe and most importantly we all enjoyed the holiday. I recommend this trip to anyone who is happy to move at a quick pace in order to see as much as possible in a short period of time. Most of us bolted on a few relaxing days in Hong Kong or Macau at the end of the trip just to relax and reflect on the brilliant experience we'd all had before flying back home.

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A bit disappointed

Trip: Delhi to Kathmandu & Thailand Hike, Bike, and Kayak

My wife and I regretted booking back to back G Adventures tours in India and Nepal and then Thailand. Many of our accommodations were grim, ranking at the bottom of Trip Advisor's lists. We joked in one particularly stained and wrecked Thai hotel that we shouldn't disturb anything because it looked like someone had been murdered in the room and the police might return for evidence. In one town our B side accommodations were ranked 71 of 82 hotels in the area on Trip Advisor (and deservedly so). We walked next door to a beautiful resort with fountains and pools and discovered the price was only $6USD more per night! Why did we pay G Adventures to book our accommodations when they do such a shoddy job of it? Beforehand we assumed G had local knowledge that helped them arrange the best lodging at a reasonable price, but in our experience anyone with an internet connection and a drop of common sense can fare better. The planned activities were good but not great. We assumed that G Adventures would have really good local guides for our destinations but they were wholly mediocre. If you asked a question that was off script, they stared blankly (Q: was there conflict between the Muslim rulers of the Mughal empire and the Hindus they ruled? A: oh no sir, they got along fine by paying taxes). We booked an"active adventure" in Thailand ranked as a 3 out of 5 on G's activity-meter with hiking, biking, and kayaking, but found that the activity level was exaggerated. Most people on the trip weren't particularly fit or active which meant that our athletic sojourns moved at a pace more reminiscent of middle school PE class than adult sport. We won't recommend G Adventures to our family or friends and feel regret that we sunk so much of our personal savings into these trips. I don't think G Adventures used our money well in arranging lodging, tours, and transportation. Asia is wonderful and my wife and I had an amazing trip, but we won't be booking with G in the future.

Response from G Adventures:

Thank you for your feedback regarding our Delhi to Kathmandu, and Thailand Hike, Bike & Kayak tours. We take this feedback very seriously, and apologize for your disappointment. We assure you that G Adventures strives to provide positive and rewarding experiences for our passengers at all times, and we will contact you directly to discuss the complaints described above.


G Adventures

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Golden Triangle India tour

Trip: Golden Triangle India Tour

My wife and I traveled on this 8 day g adventures tour to India 9/2012. We enjoyed the tour tremendously. The small group concept (9 on our tour) and flexibility is ideal. This allows flexibility for the group to spend more time at places of interest and you don't feel herded. Can't say enough about our CEO (Chief Experience Officer-IE tour guide) Jai. He is very flexible, enthusiastic, outgoing, cares about people and our experience in India. On his own time he arranged a trip to a small village which was a highlight of our tour. He also went on a 2 hour power walk with some group members and taught a short yoga class on the roof of one hotel we stayed at. We are looking forward to our next g adventures tour.

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My husband & I happened upon G Adventures by accident and are very happy that we did. Our Kenyan experience will forever be etched in our memories because of the well-planned and executed tour through western Kenya. Our guide, Daniel, was professional, knowledgeable and looked after us in every situation. It is basic as far as accomo, but that is what made the tour an experience to remember. Our drivers could not have been more helpful and fun! The group consisted of 8 of us from around the globe and we have created close bonds with all. The people of Kenya are wonderful and I would encourage everyone to visit this part of Africa. We never once felt threatened by either 2 or 4 legged critters. The wildlife is like a fairy tale...we saw all of the BIG 5 thanks to our CEO and drivers. Be sure to use some Swahili while there as it goes a long way with the local folks if you try. As far as money, don't bother with traveller's cks as we couldn't cash them...but VISA and Db worked great. And you will want some KES to have when you land. Also, get your VISA into Kenya before you go, as the lineup was huge & you may miss your connection to the hotel. Be sure to keep any essentials, like your malaria pills in your carry on in case your luggage doesn't make it.(one of our group had that happen..paid $180 to get it to our location). All in all, we would travel with G Adventures again. Very happy with our first trip abroad.

Did Not Even Make It

Trip: Peru, Amazon, G Lodge

Earlier this year my wife and I booked a 5 day stay at the G Lodge in Peru. This was supposed to be an amazing trip and all of the existing reviews we read were great. The reservation process was quick and easy, and they took our deposits. About 4 weeks after we booked they called to inform us they were canceling our reservation because they wanted to book a larger group in our reserved spots. As we did not have an option they told us they would refund our deposit. Instead of a refund they actually billed us our deposit value a second time. We did eventually get our full amount of money refunded, and were are now booked for the same sort of an adventure with a totally different organization. When we Investigated what happened to us a little further we were informed that 'Cancelling small groups to accommodate larger size tours is a standard practice for G Adventures' as per a G Adventures representative.

Response from G Adventures:

We apologize for being unable to accommodate you in our G Lodge. I can assure you we do not have a policy of accepting bigger groups at the expense of smaller ones. We do sometimes need to move reservations due to maintenance of the Lodge, however. If you would like to contact us to discuss, we would welcome that. I wish you safe and enjoyable travels to a wonderful part of the planet.

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Trip: Joburg to Vic Falls

There's a lot of differing opinions out there.. Let me add mine. My wife and I just finished a G Adventures (formerly Gap Adventures) 9-day tour from Johannesburg, South Africa to Victoria Falls, Zambia. We couldn't have had a better time! A few thoughts: - So much depends on the tour guide. Our guide, Vladia Bajerovska, was fantastic. She was both a great organizer and a great cheerleader, making sure everybody was included and knew what was going on. She had a lot of knowledge, both natural (describing animals) and practical (navigating border crossings). She answered all of our questions, no matter how many times we asked. I can't say enough good things about her. Our driver, Stefan, was also fantastic. - A lot also depends on your group. We had 20 people, mixed group from US/UK/Canada/Australia, aged from mid-20s to mid-40s. By the end of the trip we were all great friends. Our tour involved a lot of "participatory camping", meaning everybody had to pitch in to load/unload the truck, chop veggies for dinner, etc. Everybody pitched in without even having to ask, which was great. Obviously this is one of those things where one bad apple can spoil the bunch. There was a little bit of drinking at the campsites (some had bars, others were BYOB), but everybody was pretty much in bed by 10. - We had the "basic" accommodation level, and believe me, it was BASIC. We spent nearly every night in tents, though there was an option to upgrade to a cabin at some sites. If you enjoy camping for multiple days, you'll be fine. But if you're the type to whine because there's no hot water in the shower, or there's a bug in your tent, or your sleeping bag smells funny after a week, you won't have fun. - There was a lot of driving, sometimes 4-5 hours per day. The overland truck was pretty sweet, though spartan. Personally, I didn't mind the long drives; I had a well-stocked Kindle, great scenery to look at, and a truck-full of people to get to know. But this might get tiresome for some people. Read the itinerary carefully. - A lot of the activities billed as "optional" were pretty much required, if you wanted to have fun. The focus of our tour was African game drives, and except for one, they were all "optional", and cost between US$30-50 dollars each. My wife and I had decided ahead of time to do all of the optionals (spent approximately $250 total for each of us) and I'm glad we did, but if you're a penny-pincher, I could see it getting annoying. Again, read the itinerary carefully. All in all, I feel that by taking G Adventures, we were able to see a lot more of southern Africa than if we had just gone on our own. I suppose it depends on your comfort level in the third world, but there were some situations (choosing safe markets to shop at, bribing corrupt SA police (really!), and navigating the crazy Botswana-Zambia border crossing) that I know I wouldn't have been able to do by myself, and least not without great stress. The lodging and travel is definitely not luxury, but I think it was more fun that way. All we had to do was spend a few nights roughing it and helping around the campsite, and we had the trip of a lifetime. -Evan

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Essential India

Trip: Essential India

This has proved to be the best holiday that my wife and I have ever undertaken. The itineray was spot on and did all that it said. The CEO Abhishek Chhetri was absolutely outstanding. From start to finish he was there to look after us all. He was on time, very knowledgeable and made sure we were safe at all times. He interacted with all the group and gave us a keen sense of his pride and love for his country.His contribution made the whole experience so very enjoyable.

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Very well organised, but not for me

Trip: The Best of Vietnam

I usually always travel independaently, BUT I always travel with at least one friend, and this time no one was available to travel to Vietnam with me, which is why I decided to book a tour. I did my research as any smart traveler should do before leaving, and I chose G Adventures based on their level of professionalism. Their website is easy to navigate, user friendly, and offers detailed information about their tours. Also, when I called to talk to a representative, they were very helpful and informative. In regards to the actual tour, I think I was too used to doing my own thing to be on a tour . The tour was very well organized, and probably ideal for people who don't like to worry. But, I am not one of those people. I think I was way too free spirited for a 'tour'. I recommend traveling with G Adventures if you are new to traveling abroad, and want some guidance along the way. All in all, not a bad experience, but I would have preferred to do it on my own with a fellow seasoned backpacker. I wanted to give this review 3.5 stars, but that wasn't an option which is why I upped it to 4.

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Great time and

Trip: Cambodia and Laos

We've been almost everywhere both on our own and with at least 5 different companies. This "G" tour was really great; we ranged in age from 19 to 72, from six different countries, and had a CEO who couldn't have been better - she was Terrific. Price wise, it couldn't be beat; we saw and experienced the countries and the people. The weather was perfect, hotels more than adequate, and food in the countries - a vegetarians' delight. All in all, the only thing that could be improved upon --- should have been longer..

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Hotels were disappointing

Trip: Essence of Peru

I chose this trip over many other Gap tours to Peru because it was a 'comfort' trip which meant that the accommodation was of a higher standard that many of their other trips. BUT the places we stayed were very disappointing. I know it is Peru, and the comfort of hotels there is typically different, but it was the lack of cleanliness and the amount of features that were promised that did not actually work i.e air conditioning, the phone and the hot water at times. I paid a premium for a comfort tour, and felt that I got nothing for it. I would hate to see their 'standard' accommodations, because if they are worse than the comfort level I wouldn't even consider it. The actual tour aside from the accommodation was good however. I would travel with Gap again provided they could provide me accommodation details before hand so that I could do some research before I made my decision to take the tour.

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Amazing Trip!

Trip: In Search of Iguassu

This is the second tour I have done with Gap, but it is the first time I have travelled on a Yolo tour. It is awesome that Gap now has tours that are only for people under the age of 40. The people on my tour were young, and loved to party:-) But the tour itself regardless of the partying was fantastic. I loved every place we visited, and of course Iguassu Falls is spectacular and a must see. The tour included our entrance to both sides of the falls, which made things very convenient. You can start this tour in Rio or in Buenos Aires. I finished in Rio which I recommend, because it is a great place to chill for a few days after the tour ends. I would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to see some amazing scenery in South America, and at the same time travel with young people that are likely to become your close friends.

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A Once in a Lifetime Experience

Trip: Quest for the Antarctic Circle

This trip is hard to review as it is the most amazing experience I've ever had. Words can't describe the beauty of the sun setting upon iceburgs, the feeling you get when a penguin comes up to 'play' with you, how surreal it feels when you see seals lazing upon iceburgs while your cruising along in the zodiac. I was admittedly concerned about the large group of people (not really large for Antarctic standards though), however the area's in which you have to explore are large enough for you to go off on your own and feel like your the only person there. The guides were knowledgable and fun, and the food was awesome. Gap also have triple share rooms to bring that price down for you, so do yourself a massive favour and book it 🙂

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Great way to learn about Thai history

Trip: Amazing Thailand

I traveled to Thailand by myself on my way home from spending a year living and working in London.  I had originally planned to just lie on the beach for two weeks, but I booked a tour with Gap on a recommendation of a friend and I am SOOO glad I decided to go. Thailand is an amazing place, and this itinerary was perfect for me. If I had known how much I would have enjoyed it, I would have chosen a longer trip, but the itinerary was well planned for being only one week. It doesnt spend any time at a beach, but almost everyone on my tour was headed to the beach at the end of the tour to chill out. I think that is the best way to do it, because I would have been a clueless tourist lying on the beach for two weeks with not much appreciation or understanding of the Thai culture had I not done this tour first.

The only negative thing I would say is it was more expensive than other tours I had compared it to, but I decided on Gap because of my friends recommendation.  I have not been on any other tours in Asia, so I am not sure if you get the same quality.

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Perfect trip

Trip: Essential China

I was really impressed traveling with Gap through China. I pretty much take a tour everytime I travel alone overseas, so I have done a lot of tours. This trip was really well organised, and a perfect itinerary for someone traveling to China for the first time. I loved this trip so much, I would seriously do it again.

Gap is the best!!

Trip: Classic Peru

This trip was so well organised, the tour leader and the local guides were so informative, patient and friendly. Hiking the Inca Trail is something I have always wanted to do, and this is a trip you cannot do without a tour group. There are plenty of companies to choose from that will hike the Inca Trail, but I decided to go with Gap because of their reputation. I made a good choice! They were so well-organised, and well-worth the value for money. It was not an easy trek, but our guides made it comfortable, and the added parts of Peru that we saw were well worth it also. I highly recommend this trip, and most importantly, I recommend Gap. They live up to their reputation!

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Trip: Essential China

Fantastic! The trip was incredibly organized, informative, and fun! With the limited vacation time that I get from work there is no way I could have visited as much of China as i did had I went on my own. Being with a local tour guide made it easy to become immersed into the culture, try new things and go places I may not have gone on my own. This trip surpassed my expectations!

I will travel Gap again!!!

Trip: Peru Panorama

The tour leader Gladys will forever hold a dear place in my heart. A true sweetheart willing to give you the shirt on her back if you need it. The tour itself had zero low points, even waking up at 4 in the morning was great with our group. The mix in the group made for a fantastic time. we are all life long friends and are planning to get together for a reunion soon. I will recommde both Percy and Galdys to all my friends on their way to Peru. I am not used to touring the world with a group, but GAP certainly opended my eyes to the sheer fun and feeling of family that quickly forms when you are all going through the same awesome experience. I will travel GAP again!!!

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