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Would do it all again

Trip: West Coast You Are Wonderful

Such a fantastic itinerary, which I highly recommend to anyone who has the time. While sometimes being on tour for this long can be tiring, it keeps you motivated to stay alert and make the most of all of the sights you visit along the way. Gecko's did a great job with the itinerary and the inclusions. The information provided by the guides was great. Every local guide we had was outstanding, happy and willing to answer my 101 questions! I loved so many places we visited, it is hard to list the ones I liked best, but the Inca Trail was definitely a highlight. The only thing I would have liked to change would have been a few accommodation upgrades along the way, since this is a long trip, and it would have been nice to indulge maybe once or twice.

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Great Tour

Trip: Lands of Silver and Gold

I was really impressed with the level of service that Gecko's provided. All of the guides and leaders were very informative and friendly. The nights spent on an overnight coach are not the most comfortable nights sleep, but it is a great way to maximize the time spent in each destination, and a much better option than spending all day on a coach. My only regret is wishing I booked a longer tour. But if you are looking to get from Buenos Aires to Rio De Janeiro by seeing the sights along the way, this tour is perfect for that.

Great Trip - Not so great organisation

Trip: Everest Base Camp

Firstly I have used Gecko's for two other trips in South America. Both of which were great. But that's mostly down to the tour operator in those countries.

For this trip I was very frustrated to find a group of 6 people, with age ranging from 27 (me) to 60. Sadly no one else was under the age of 40. Geckos is meant to be about youth travel but it seems this trip was sold worldwide to anyone and everyone.

The trip itself was an awesome experience, but that's more down to the trip itself than Gecko's. A more like minded group would have made the experience even better.

The other issue was the trip notes were horrible and gave you no idea that there would be 5-6 hours per day of sitting around a tea house with nothing to do. Better planning would have made down time much more enjoyable.

I really don't know if I would book with Gecko's again as there is no way of knowing what to expect from their trips.

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Lots of hiking

Trip: Best of Borneo

Gecko's did a really great job of organising a great tour. The accommodation was good, especially the homestays, as the locals are so friendly and take really great care of you. It is also a really great opportunity to get to know the local people and pick their brains about their culture. They speak really good english for the most part. I chose this trip specifically for the Orangutans, and seeing them at the rehabilitation centre was worth the trip alone. You also get the chance to see lots of other wildlife, and it is a very outdoorsy trip. The hike up Mount Kinabalu is tough, and some people on our tour struggled. I don't think you could get the same experience in Borneo without a guide, and our guides were really good. The only downside is that the tour is a little pricey.

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you will get what you paid for!!!

Trip: Northern Thailand Encounter


1. You have a tour guide

2. Low prices

3. Nice stays at every stop (except for one -Sukhothai)

4.Take you to hot spots


1. Lots of wasted time

2. It reads 10 days trip, but really it is 8 days and 2 of them are wasted by traveling.

3. Advertised for a swim under the water falls. Never happened.

4. Three of the nights you will stay far from anything (town or city market....etc.)

5. Although it is cheap but you can get better deal on your own in Thailand.

I don't recommend it, you can do much much better with other company or on your own

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Trip: Golden Triangle, India

We have toured with Geckos throughout South America and it was great, but our golden triangle experience in India was poor! We had to make telephone calls for our tour guides to show up, hotels asked for vouchers we were never given and local representatives were asking us what was planned next when we expected them to tell us! Just bad organization but once the guides were there it was a fine experience!

Truly Amazing

Trip: Reunification Express

The Reunification Express was an amazing experience. The immersion into Vietnamese culture was just what I was hoping for. The 11 days actually felt like more like 3 weeks with everything we did. My favorite part of the trip was the Cu Chi Tunnels. The stories about how these networks were used to engage in battles during the war were incredible and gave a whole new perspective on how the Vietnam War was fought. The markets were also fun because the Vietnamese are not as pushy of salesman like others in Southeast Asia. The experiences were incredible but the sleeper trains we took from Hanoi weren?t very comfortable, but it probably helped keep the trip more affordable so it didn?t ruin the trip. There were not many meals included in the trip, it was fun shopping around for street food and exceptionally cheap. We pretty much ate Pho for every meal which was very cheap but very delicious.

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Save your money

Trip: Bangkok to Singapore overland

Save your money and don?t go with Gecko. The trip was interesting and the countries were interesting, the problem was the value for money. Gecko is a master at overcharging and finding the lowest cost forms of transport and accommodation without taking into account the location or safety of the lodgings. In Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, they even managed to find rooms without windows, their savings $10 per room. In most cases, public transit was used and for one leg of the trip the guide suggested rather than take the chance of not getting a seat and standing for the duration of the trip each member of the group could pay an additional amount and we could rent a minibus and driver. The trip was booked through a third party who sold the trip for $1,400 and we were told to bring $300 US to the orientation meeting for ?local charges?. At the meeting we discovered that the $300 was for travel and accommodation, the true cost of our trip. If you enjoy being overcharged for mediocre to poor tour, by all means choose Gecko.

Response from Gecko's Adventures:

Hello bmcl2003,

Thank you for submitting your review to TravAddict and we are sorry to learn that your experience with Gecko?s Grassroots Adventures did not live up to your expectations in terms of value for money.
As you?re aware, we have been in contact with you directly and we hope that we have addressed your concerns and welcome you to contact us directly should you have any further questions or comments.

We sincerely wish you and your travelling companion all the very best with your future adventures.


Yours Sincerely,

The Gecko?s Team

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Impressed with the guide

Trip: A Taste of Rajasthan

I was very impressed with our guide. He was very kind and knew everything about anything we encountered. The train sleeper was surprisingly comfortable, and the rest of the accommodation was standard of what you would probably expect in India, not great, but not bad. I enjoyed the flexibility of the trip. We had plenty of time to explore in our own time, and our guide was always helpful with suggestions for where to go, where not to go (important in India), and always had a handful of different suggestions for dining.

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Seeing the Gorillas was the most amazing experience

Trip: Gorillas Safari and Zanzibar

Seeing the Gorillas in the wild was the best part of this trip, and worth it 100%. Gecko's as the tour company did a great job. I was very impressed with the kindness and the knowledge of the tour guide. Our cook was also wonderful and made amazing food (better than what I was expecting). While we seemed to spend a lot of time driving, our driver was skilled, and I always felt safe (this would be a concern of mine if I was booking another tour, because we encountered another tour group along the way who said their driver was horrible and not safe. I can't remember who they said their tour company was). We saw so many animals, and our guide was really good at spotting them and pointing them out to us at any chance he had. I got some amazing pictures that I am going to blow up and frame. I also liked that we went to Zanzibar near the end of the tour. It was so nice to wind down the trip by the beach.

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Stay away from gecko tours!!!!

Trip: Greek island hopper

My friend and I booked the tour of the Greek Islands and I strongly reccommend you never go with Gecko's.? Our transfer (which we organized through Gecko's) never showed up (which we also paid extra for). We ended up paying ?40 for a taxi to the hotel.? The tour was pretty expensive compared to others, then when we arrived in Athens we were told we needed to pay a ?150 'local tax' which we were told covered things like buses and ferries.? The hotels were old, unclean, far from the centre of town and just not a nice place to stay.? Our tour guide did very little guiding and we saw nothing touristy (no museums, churches, monuments etc) she showed us places to eat and shop. After sending several emails to Gecko's to let them know how I felt, I got no reply from any email I sent. They obviously didn't care after they already had my money. Definitely do not recommend this tour group at all. Total waste of money.

Note from TravAddict:

The Gecko's website clearly states that this tour has a ?150 local payment, payable on the first day of our tour in Greece.

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Don\'t Choose Gecko\'s!!!

Trip: East Africa Safari

*PLEASE NOTE:? TravAddict has deleted parts of this review due to it's excessive length

My holiday, which was my wife's and my honeymoon, was great! The other guests on the tour (mainly from Australia) were amazing! They definitely made the trip much more fun! I think the time at each place was about right. There were a couple of times where I wish we didn't have to tear-down the tents as soon as we did but then we wouldn't have been able to see as many places as we did. I would say the tour was reasonably priced. However, the tour leader (Moses) was very difficult to understand.? The Tour Leader's local and country knowledge was one of the most frustrating parts of the tour. I remember driving from Arusha towards Nairobi wondering which of the beautiful peaks I was looking at was Mount Kilimanjaro. But Moses never said a word. I learned a lot more from Peter (the cook) about the local culture than I did from Moses. I was actually very impressed with the meals! Peter, our cook, was amazing! He did an excellent job finding good fresh food along the way and provided good variety for dinners. The last night Peter made a popular African meal that was delicious!? The driver Alfred did a great job getting us from point A to point B safely. We broke-down a couple of times and he had the expertise to be able to get the truck functional again within a reasonable time. However, he was not approachable or friendly at all. The safari truck was great! Although it was extremely bouncy/bumpy at times which was annoying for some of the guests.? I was happy with the activities but it would have been nice if the activities offered were consistent with what was listed in our itinerary.?? Two of the three hotels that we were offered intentionally screwed us! Especially the Lake Victoria hotel. The only reason I went with this tour is because it was the only safari I found that visited an orphanage and a school. We arrived at the school on January 6th, so the school should have been open according to the itinerary. Even if you go on the School of St. Jude website, they list the term dates for 2012 starting on January 3rd. Gecko's needs to sort this out because this was a huge reason people chose this tour. Moses called ahead to determine whether or not the school would be in session and so we knew ahead of time they were not. Regardless, our group was still anxious to visit the school. But Moses told us we weren't going to the school anymore since they were not in session. We had to beg him to at least drive by the school so we could take pictures. Moses reluctantly agreed to make a quick stop.? When we arrived at the school we were greeted by a woman that worked at the school. She asked us how long we had and Moses quickly said 'we have very limited time'. But our group quickly retorted 'we have all day!'? So Moses walked off pouting while the woman started playing a DVD about the school.? The only thing I expected from Gecko's was to ensure our safety and to look out for our well-being. These things were not satisfied, and largely in part to a poor choice in our tour guide.

And I can only blame Gecko's for this since they didn't do a better job finding a qualified tour guide. Additionally, Gecko's should have been more responsible in their hotel/campsite selections and not introduce us to places that blatantly took advantage of foreigners.

Response from Gecko's Adventures:

Hello rkhuber. As per our communication in February 2012, we thank you for having contacted us directly and allowing us the opportunity to investigate and subsequently address your concerns. As you're aware, your comprehensive feedback was very much appreciated as it assists us in ensuring we are able to provide excellent services and products to our customers who like us, are keen to explore the world. We were happy to learn that you were pleased with our reply and although there were certain elements of the tour which did not meet your expectations, we are pleased that you enjoyed your travels through East Africa. a truly fascinating part of the world. We wish you and your wife all the very best with your future travels!

I recommend this tour

Trip: Backroads of Rajisthan

1. The price of this tour was value for money

2. I was a solo traveller and I always felt safe

3. The best part of the tour was the overnight desert camping. I recommend booking  a tour that does this

4. The accommodation was the standard I was expecting

5. The guides were very good

6. I think they should have included entrance fees in the price and pre-organised our tickets. Everyone did the excursions, so why not include them in the price?

7. I recommend this tour, and I will travel with Geckos again.

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Trip: China Express

My work sent me to China for the first time, so I decided to extend my stay and do some traveling. I booked the China Express tour with Gecko's because it was highly recommended by my travel agent, and her recommendation did not disappoint. I had a great time. The tour was a great introduction to China, and I walked away with so many great memories. The tour itself was wonderful, I have no complaints, and I now always recommend Gecko's to all of my friends. I have recently booked another tour with them to South America (but Peregrine this time).

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Abandoned by Gecko\'s

Trip: Overland Indochina October 31

Geckos failed to notify us that they were discontinuing the Bangkok portion of the trip until 2 days before we were supposed to go to Bangkok. The letter we received on November 5 stated that they decided to cancel all Bangkok travel as of October 25th yet we didn't find out until almost 2 weeks later. They did not offer to reimburse us for the cost of overland travel from Siem Reap to Bangkok or the tour guide for 2 days. Nor did they offer to help us find a way to Bangkok which most of us were flying out of to return home. By the time they told us, most hotels were booked. I was not looking for this kind of stress on my vacation. It would have been nice if they had restructured the trip for more time in Vietnam or to see something else in Cambodia. Also, I found the Vietnamese tour guide to be a bit Anti-American and all of the tour guides to have very poor English.

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Thai-Indochina Loop review

Trip: Thai-Indochina loop

I just came back from a 33 day tour through Indochina with Gecko's and hated it. Honestly, I think all these so-called 'cheap' tour groups are about the same (when you add up food and extra trips not included, you will be surprised how much this actually costs). Nothing is included except very inferior places to stay, sometimes verging on extraordinarily gross (blood on sheets, rats, cockroaches, ripped sheets, human scum on bathroom walls and floors), and likewise, public transport with cockroaches and other peoples hair on used sheets as bed mates. I believe this is par for the course on these trips, but what is worse, is that you are herded daily, from one place to another, spending sometimes over 50% of your trip on the road. You need to look VERY carefully to see how much time you spend in important places. For example, the Gecko trip indicated we went to Thailand. We actually only had 2 days in Bangkok and because of train problems, 4 hours in Chiang Mai; that was it. Most of these trips, your companions are there for drinking and hanging out, not to see anything 'cultural' so they don't care that some of the places your stay are purely to get you to another place and there is absolutely nothing of any value whatsoever to see there (wasting a day of your time and money). It is VERY important that you read the 'trip notes' to the T. Nearly everything that is mentioned to do, is not included, and more than 75% of the time, there is not the available time to do them. Also, some places marked on their map with dots indicating that they are part of the trip, you are actually never stopping see them for 5 minutes through the window of a bus as you drive by. A quarter of the tour leaders I've had through Gecko and Intrepid were clearly annoyed that they had to be working. literally killed them to give me helpful information about, let's say, how to get the 'token' necessary to use the toilet at the train station; things as simple as that. The number of problems I've had with getting very simple help from as I said, about a quarter of their tour leaders, led to extraordinary frustration and a very bad taste in my mouth through the entire trip. Let me note, the other 3/4's of the tour leaders were very good, verging on exceptional. Point being, you are taking your chances with your time and money. If this is your thing and it IS a lot of people's thing, just not mine, then I would say, all these companies are about the same, (the places we stayed on the whole through Gecko were cleaner than Intrepid) and most of these companies have been bought out by one company which is just using their names to pull in old clients (note the same trips on many differently named sites). I believe you are better off doing one of two things. 1. planning this on your own and going with a friend. 2. going with a more expensive tour group for a shorter period of time and staying at better places, eating better food, and meeting more interesting people. Good luck!

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Good Times

Trip: Amazon Incas

I had a lot of fun on the trip. I met great people, and the guides were fantastic. What I didn't like was the itinerary. I felt that we flew around too much. I wish I had taken more time to plan it myself and book shorter tours in each area. I felt that adding the flights onto the tour didn't give me the extra time in some places that I could have had if I booked different tours along the way. But, if you only had 15 days it would probably be the best option to see everything in this itinerary. Gecko's is a highly professional company and they did a great job.

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Such a great time!

Trip: Galapagos Adventure

The number one place I wanted to visit while is South America was the Galapagos. I had a great time on this trip, and I am so glad I went with Gecko's. After comparing different tours, this one looked the best on paper, and I think it was. I loved the fact that pretty much everything was included. The only downfall was that the itinerary moved quite fast, but Gecko's was very clear about this in their pre-departure information and while on the tour. The boat conditions were great, and the place itself is beautiful. Even though you move quickly, I can't imagine spending more time in the area after all of the other sights I had to fit in while in South America. All in all, a great trip I would recommend to any backpacker.

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5 stars

Trip: Annapurna & Chitwan

Nepal is somewhere I have always wanted to go, and this trip was the best way to see everything I wanted to see. The experience was amazing, I love the fact that the guide was a local, and introduced us to a lot of locals along the way. This tour is not for the light-hearted, you definitely want to be somewhat fit, but it was great, and I would happily do this trip again!

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A Wildlife Experience Second to None

Trip: Galapagos at a Glance

This was one of the best trips I have ever done. The wildlife experience is second to none. You can literally swim with seals, and it came as quite a surprise, but with penguins aswell! Whilst this was a cheaper option for doing this region it didn't feel like it. We had a naturalist guide, Sergio, who was actually born in the Galapagos and made this tour so special with his passion and knowledge of the region. The boat was very comfortable and the food delicious. Highly recommended.

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I highly recommend it!

Trip: Totally Thailand

What do you get if you take five Aussies, one Canadian, one Swede and a smiling Thai Gecko's guide? A good start. Then place them in the exotic land of Thailand for 2 weeks. Add some history, adventure, green nature and a kitchen of chili, lemongrass and coconut. Voilá, you just made a great holiday! Choosing to join a group tour instead of travelling around Thailand on my own (not that it was ever an option to go on my own) turned out to be a great idea! The two weeks showed me a bit of everything Thailand has to offer: temples, beaches, islands, rainforest, villages, cities.. We had a local guide, Mr Tee, who gave us a valuable insight into the Thai culture and life. He was also very helpful with special requests (such as help ordering vegetarian food at the small village restaurants). There were only 7 people in our group so after a few days, it felt like travelling around with a bunch of friends. It was a bit like backpacking, but in a group. Plenty of time to do your own things, if you want, and a flexible schedule to add extra adventures that the group wanted to do. We stayed in hotels and guesthouses on the way, and travelled around in a mixture of vehicles: local buses, mini buses, trains, songthaws, long tail boats.. This tour would probably not be your cup of tea if you are into spending days on the beach, and evenings in the nightclubs, but if you want to explore Thailand while meeting new friends, i would highly recommend it!

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