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Just WOW

Trip: Great African Expedition - 57 days Had the best time of my life! So close to not booking because of the price.. but changed my mind the last minute. I've never been to Africa, so had no idea what to expect honestly. Our guide was awesome, so helpful. I got a flu while we were in Malawi, but our guide was really helpful and considering, showed me to a local pharmacy to get some meds.

I especially liked the trek in one of the national parks in Uganda (Can't remember the name 🙁 ) I even got to see a gorilla! Such a lovely creature, yet terrifying.

I was a bit weary about the accomodation though.. camping for the whole time? But it turned out ok, not sure if I liked it more that regular hostel travel.

Only negative about this tour I would say is that it's a bit too long to be honest.. really difficult to get off from work for that long.. But I managed!

Definitely recommend!
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I loved Turkey!

Trip: Turkey Unplugged

Turkey is a great country! I was so surprised as I did not know what to expect, but I loved it. On the Go was great to travel with. The only complaint I would have was our guide did not seem as enthusiastic compared to other tour guides I have traveled with before. Maybe they have been doing the tour guide thing for too long. But, the trip was well planned, the accommodation was good, and the other people I traveled with were loads of fun. I recommend this trip.

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Great Value, no local payment.

Trip: King Ramses

This was a fantastic tour. It is important to remember that On the Go do not require you to pay a local payment upon arrival. We compared so many other tour companies when we were booking that appeared cheaper, but most required you to pay more money in CASH on your arrival day. We did not have to do this with On the Go, which was great, as I was not comfortable with the idea of carrying large amounts of US dollars in CASH with me to Egypt, especially since I am from Australia and I was travelling for many weeks prior to this tour. I also like the fact that On the Go gave us the option to upgrade to a sleeper carriage on the train, when other tour companies did not have this option. The only problem I had was the fact that I am vegan, and even though I ate dairy while traveling, it was always a battle at the included meals to get something that suited my diet. But overall, the tour was very well run and the accommodation and guides were the best.

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The best and most rewarding tour

Trip: King Tutankhamen

I've been on a lot of tours with different companies around the world and this one was by far the best and most rewarding one of them all. Our guide was so enthusiastic, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. He explained everything in fantastic detail and knew the answers to all our questions. He made the experience truly remarkable. The felucca also stood out, the chef cooked incredible food! I will be travelling with on the go from now on and recommending you around the world!

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We had a fabulous trip

Trip: Jewel of the Nile

We had a fabulous trip with On-the-Go! Egypt is such a beautiful place, we thoroughly enjoyed the sights and learning about the culture. Highlights for us were definitely the Nile cruise and Abu Simbel – loved it! The sleeper train was also quite an experience on its own!! A special thanks must go to our tour guide Alam, and our Cairo rep Tom. Alam and Tom were extremely accommodating and made our Egyptian experience even more memorable from the minute we landed in Egypt until we left (thanks Tom). Alam ensured that we visited and shopped at reputable places, and was readily available to advise us when we were in need. Thanks for this Alam, and also for making sure that our special meals were catered for and provided. We were really lucky to be a part of quite a diverse and fun-loving tour group. We made lots of new friends, who we will certainly be keeping in touch with! We would not hesitate to recommend this particular tour to friends and family, and we will surely make use of On-the-Go tours in the future!

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