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Trip: Mt Kilimanjaro Climb

We had a great time hiking Mt Kilimanjaro on our Peregrine tour. The guides and porters were second to none and really made the trip. We hiked the Rongai trail which is one of the easier routes, but we still trained and physically prepared ourselves months before the climb, and we were glad we did. The lodge stay was such a great end to the trip, and a nice way to wind down. The only thing I would probably recommend would be to research other companies that might be a little cheaper. I thought Peregrine was a little on the pricier side, but I booked with them because of their reputation. They did not disappoint, but if you wanted to skip the nice cozy lodge before and after the hike, you could probably save some money. However, if you want to splurge on accommodation in Africa, this would be the place to do it as you will be grateful for a lovely hot shower and a nice warm bed after all is said and done.

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Trip: Colours of Rajasthan

When we were searching for a tour to India, this one was more on the pricier side compared to the G Adventures and Intrepid trips we were considering, but I wanted to travel in comfort, and I am so glad I spent the extra few hundred dollars to travel with Peregrine. Everything about the tour was above and beyond. The information provided by the staff, the accommodation, the itinerary, the organization, and the transport were all wonderful, and made for a comfortable and enjoyable trip. We will definitely book with Peregrine next time we travel.

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Safe and comfortable option for travel to Egypt

Trip: Egypt in Depth

I have been meaning to write this review for a while, we travelled in August 2012. We were fortunate to go at this time because there were so few tourists at all of the popular destinations.

Overall the accommodation at each destination was very impressive. We?ve gone on tours in Europe for a similar amount of money with a much lower standard of accommodation. All of the hotels were 4 star quality at least. Naturally the hotels had fantastic breakfasts to start us off. Overall, the food was above average, but definitely not anything special. We were on our own for many of the dinners. We relied on our guide for recommendations when we could, but it was pretty hit or miss when we were on our own.

The first couple days in Cairo were definitely the highlight of the trip. We started the tour in Cairo at the Egyptian Museum, which is the most comprehensive museum I?ve ever been to. It seemed like every Egyptian artifact was crammed into this massive building. King Tut?s famous tomb is here and was a sight in and of itself. We later saw the pyramids and spent some time in the amazing markets shopping for Egyptian cotton and other handmade goods. Having a comprehensive guide with us in the museum and at the pyramids was priceless.

Egypt definitely didn?t feel like a country that had just gone through a revolution. All of the people were friendly to tourists and it seemed like they were just happy that tourists weren?t scared to come see their beautiful country.

The tour was a lot more comfortable and luxurious than I expected which was a nice surprise. The only problem was that it was over 40 degrees Celsius every day. I?d definitely recommend this trip in the summer as it is less expensive and less crowded (as long as you can stand the extreme heat!)

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Jordan is beautiful

Trip: Jordan Explorer

Jordan is an amazing country, and I had completely underestimated it's beauty. Peregrine could not have run a better tour. The hotels were wonderful, our guide was very informative and was genuinely concerned about our wellbeing, and every sight on the itinerary was worth our time. Thank you Peregrine, I can't wait to book my next tour.

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Amazed and surprised

Trip: Taste of Sapa

I was very amazed and surprised to learn that there were only 2 of us on the tour. It felt like a private experience and we were delighted to find out that we had not only a driver, but tour guide as well. Delighted that Peregrine did not cancel for lack of participants.

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