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Wow! Jewels of Sri Lanka Delivers

Trip: Jewels of Sri Lanka

I was so impressive with Tucan Travel, providing everything I could ever expect in my travel package and more. While the package itself seemed at first like it was promising more than it could deliver, much to my pleasant surprise I was blown away by everything that was included.

My family and I decided to take the Jewels of Sri Lanka tour and it was spectacular. I?ve always wanted to visit Sri Lanka and the package offered by Tucan Travel was most impressive to say the least. A great price combined with seeing just about everything that is beautiful in this island nation makes the trip a real bargain. In fact, the cultural diversity along with the incredible scenery made this an experience that we will always remember.

I was especially impressed with the accommodations as they exceeded our expectations, but I?ll have to admit that one of the real treasures of this trip package was seeing things that I simply did not expect. Sri Lanka is a wonderful country that is loaded with many different things to see and do. It really helped that the staff was quite accommodating and answered all of our questions along the way. When you combine a great staff with an excellent experience, then you wind up with a trip package that cannot be beat. I heartily recommend the Jewels of Sri Lanka tour as me and my family was quite pleased with the trip, an experience that we as a family will never forget.

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Never Again

Trip: Moreno

Never again would l travel with Tucan. The good, the bus driver was flawless in his driving ability, maintenance of the bus and his service to the group often taking on duties that should have been undertaken by the so called tour leader. The rest: food provided on tour was bland, repetitive even for this type of tour, lunch boxes consisted of rotten bruised fruit that could not be eaten, rolls that were so stale and hard you couldn't get your teeth through them and consisted of a slice of what was called ham, nothing else not even margarine, needless to say these were just thrown in the bin by the whole tour and eventually not even taken. If u take this tour tell them you cannot eat ham otherwise you will get it for breakfast lunch and dinner and it's not ham as we know it. The content of the tour is hit and miss, many days are spent sitting on a bus with nothing to see to arrive at a designation for the tour leader to spend about 5 mins of her time talking at the front of the bus to the younger travellers about where things are located in the town, the older travellers we're ignored for three quarters of the trip until another traveller enlightened her that the people at the back of the bus also paid for trip. If you made enquiries about some major tour sights, her reply was never heard of it. If you want to see the sights be prepared to do your own leg work with no assistance or knowledge from the Tucan Rep. Do not expect any consideration or assistance if you are not well, expect that if you have young fit males who will race ahead on the eight hour hikes that you will be left to fend for yourself if you can't keep up with them. Only one tour guide per hike even though National Park rules say no one should be on the trail by themself, the group was so spread out that several of our group were walking hours by themself, Our tour leader announced she was going to the top of some mountain and the group never saw her after about the first 15 mins on the track. On this walk a lady from a second Tucan tour was actually blown off the mountain and had to be stretchered down. If this had of happened to our group no one would have know because our Tour Leader was to busy having her own holiday and the Tour guide had left most of us behind. Camping, don't bother renting sleeping bag unless you want to freeze for three nights, tents, did keep out the rain but are outdated, u will only be able to crawl in and out,nowhere up to the standard of previous tour companies l have used, hot water never worked except for about 2 mins then everyone else left with cold water. While the service at the camp ground dinning area was very good, it was only after other people on the tour complained that they didn't have enough food was the standard and quality lifted to a reasonable level. Our Tucan group was running parallel with another Tucan trip while they were up and gone early in the morning and utilising all the optional tours our leader would decide we would leave later in the morning so we never had the available time to take these up, some of which were the main reasons for some for booking this trip. At one point their was a revolt on the bus because the group were told the could only do one activity when almost everyone wanted to do two. Again the leader booked people onto a tour without confirming they wanted to do it and then told they had to pay for it whether they did it or not, another riot. A majority of this trip turned out to be traveling from town to town walking the street to find a supermarket to organise food for the night or days when meals were not provided or a never ending extremely poor tourist shops with high prices and very short on quality,and not much exploring the sights in the area or culture. The highlights of course were amazing but far and few between and l would say you would be better flying and you would be able to see just as much in half the time . Our trip consisted of half over fifty and half under, the return trip which was staying at the hotel we were would have been three quarters over fifty years old. Of all trips l have taken this would be the poorest value for money, poor communication starting with trying to get a detailed itinerary of what each day would entail, to the Tucan tour leader that is clearly not mature or knowledgable enough to be an ambassador for these countries. There is a lot to said to getting a local to be a Tour guide rather than someone is just trying to see the country for free. Finally l would also recommend that the Tour Leader refrains from bagging the company she works for saying she basically gets no payment from them and relies on tips to live. Firstly the group decided to give the bus driver the majority of the tips for the above reasons, and secondary this seemed like a very poor effort to try and get us to tip her more. Just for the record l only tipped the bus driver.

Sorry Tucan l could never consider another trip with you, l worked very hard to save to have this holiday, your company let me and many others down.

Response from Tucan Travel

Thank you for your feedback. It is disappointing to hear we have not surpassed your expectations, especially on a tour such as this one which generally receives glowing feedback. We would like the opportunity to discuss the
points you have raised in detail and ask that you submit your feedback to us directly at feedback@tucantravel.com.

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Mayan Adventure and More

Trip: Mexico City to Antigua

This 22-day trip from Mexico City to Chiapas, through the Yucatan,around Belize and into Guatemala has well-designed itinerary. I was able to see and do most everything I hoped to do. My fellow travelers with Toucan has a considerable age range but were bonded well, had lots of enthusiasm which guarantee a fun time! Some of my fellow travelers continued their adventure on to Costa Rica and then to Panama with the same tour leader, Becky. She is a great gal, originally from New Zealand but more of an Aussie now, but has just purchased a home in Antigua, so she's making Guatemala her home.

My days in Mexico City at the start of the trip went well. Of course, one could spend months there, exploring the city and its environs. But I saw a great deal and the Majestic Zocalo was right on the Zocalo for the end of the Independence Day celebration and the arrival of the President of Mexico for the National Earthquake Preparedness Day on Oct. 19, the anniversary of the devastating Mexico City earthquake from 20 years ago. My hotel window had the best view of the Zocalo all the time. Visiting Teotihuacan twice was fine, as I was able to see different parts of the site each time, and climb the Pyramid of the Sun twice with two different groups.

The accommodations with Tucan along the way were adequate--and a few fairly good. Fortunately we had A/C in most tropical locations in the rooms at night. The chicken buses in Belize were an experience but worth it. I enjoyed the itinerary, although I would have preferred an additional day in Oaxaca and also in Merida but perhaps one less day in San Cristobal. While at Merida, I did the optional trip to Uxmal--definitely worth it but had to skip the cenotes trip. However while in Playa del Carmen, I was able to visit Tulum in the morning and found a place nearby with cenotes that I did on my own in the afternoon. The most challenging thing for me was probably the caving near San Ignacio, Belize, but I managed just fine. One unplanned event that we all got to experience was in San Cristob?l, where the bar owner of a place that Becky knows invited our group to his daughter's quincea?era--a huge event that kept the tequilla flowing all night! Plenty of drinking and dancing.

I should have added a few days in Antigua should have been longer. Hikes up to the Pacaya Volcano have been limited to the first ridge right now so it is a shorter trip. The trip to Chichicastenego is very touristic and a bit over-rated, as the Mayan villages near San Cristob?l are more interesting and authentic. Besides, the Mayan folk art marketed in Chichicastenego is overpriced for tourists and the same items can be purchased in the better shops in Antigua. I should have had time to visit Lake Atit?n--but perhaps on another visit.

I will probably kick myself for not continuing on with my group to San Jose, Costa Rica. But I needed to get back to L.A. Toucan offers a repeat customer discount plus a late booking discount, so I could have easily afforded the added two weeks.

As an adventure tour, this itinerary was a great choice and I really appreciate all you did in setting it up and planning the extras through Kamino Tours--including the airport transfer from Antigua to Guatemala City, which I would never have figured out on my own.

I was healthy for the entire trip--fortunately. And all the medicine I brought was not really needed--so I gave most of it to others for their on-going adventures in Central America. I was the oldest person of the group, except for two ladies from Australia who are in their 50s but did not do some of the more active things that some of us chose to do.

Thanks, Becky, for making this a most enjoyable experience!

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Good value for a family

Trip: Altiplano

Travelling as a family of five adults on a 45 day tour was always going to be risky but as it turned out it was a wonderful way for us to all travel together. There was enough room for us to spread out in 'Peggy' and in some respects this tour allowed us to travel as 5 individuals when the need arose. My only criticisms would be the food as people were often left hungry as the food frequently ran out especially at dinner time. As our tour guide was often not very observant, or in fact present during these meals, she seemed completely unaware that people were often left very hungry. In addition everyone was aware, as other reviewers have written, that Tucan makes a huge profit on their add-on/side trips so if money is an issue you really should organise these yourself. Apart from these we travelled with a large very mixed group (ages ranged from 20 to 67 years) and all-in-all got along very well with eight of these new friends attending our daughters 21st which took place in Melbourne a month after the end of the trip and 11 of us attending one of the couple's engagement party in Sydney in May. We even have our own Facebook group from the tour. In summary participants prominent memories are about the wonderful places we saw and people we met and not about being frequently hungry and being over-charged for add-ons.

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Excellent Tour

Trip: Adventurous Angkor

My tour of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand with Tucan Travel was an amazing trip and well worth every penny. The tour leader Brian Mcdonald was excellent as was all the accommodation from start to finish. Brian was engaging, thorough, knowledgeable and made sure we got the most out of the trip. I had my wallet stolen in Saigon and he accompanied me to the police station where he waited with me for two hours bearing in mind he had the evening's meal for the rest of the group to organize. One day I broke my earphones and he personally went to a market and got some new ones for a good price.I shared a room with him as well and so I could see the trouble and effort he went to to make sure the trip ran as smoothly as possible which it did. Also he regularly gave us opinions on the excursions and ways of making the travel better which always came good. He was a great laugh in the evening's as well, showing us the best sights and sounds of each city. I loved every minute of this trip and I was devastated I had to leave and couldn't go on to Laos. I would definitely use Tucan Travel again (Central America 2014) and recommend Brian Mcdonald as tour leader.

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Huge Disappointment

Trip: Vietnam Discovered

My experience with Toucan Tours was awful. Even using that word does not being to cover how poor of an experience I had. The tour guide was rude, self-centered and did not put an ounce of effort into making sure our group enjoyed your experience. The accommodations were not worth the value I paid for the trip. Despite all of this the tour was also poorly designed. What tour is called Vietnam discovered yet fails to include Ha Long Bay? I ended up leaving the tour early because for a cheap price I could stay in nice places and actually discover the Vietnamese culture.

Response from Tucan Travel:

Thank you for your feedback. Your comments regarding the tour leader are currently being followed up by our regional manager in Bangkok. Appropriate action will be taken depending on the experiences of other tour participants.

Vietnam Discovered is a Budget Expeditions tour and is designed to be cost effective for young travellers. The accommodation that we use on Budget Expeditions tours is basic, but should be clean, safe and well-located. If you feel we did not achieve this, please email feedback@tucantravel.com with specific details and we will investigate further. The tour itinerary is clearly advertised as not including Ha Long Bay. Instead we offer a 2-day?Ha Long Bay Add-on which can be booked after your tour ends in Hanoi.

We are sorry if you feel this tour did not give you a proper insight into Vietnamese culture. It is sometimes difficult to properly get across the intricate and intriguing details of a country in a 9-day tour, but we always aspire to offer our travellers an authentic experience. I hope you enjoyed the places you did see while you were on tour with us and had a great time during your onward travel.

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Christmas in Panama

Trip: Panama Panorama

The itinerary on this trip was fantastic for a short one week tour through Panama. There was a good mix of beaches, activities and culture.The accommodation and transport were much better than I had expected on a budget style tour.
I did this trip over Christmas so expected that some things would be closed and some optional excursions unavailable at least on Christmas Day.
Our tour leader Neil let us know that this was the case at our orientation meeting. He had contacted all the companies in Boquete where we would be on Chrissy Day and they advised that they wouldnt be operating. To compensate for this Neil had booked an amazing restaurant well in advance as he knew this would book out as well. We had the most spectacular Christmas Eve dinner complete with Turkey,an open fire, mulled wine and all the trimmings perfect for those of us missing family and christmas feasts at home!
A few people had mentioned during the day that they were disappointed they couldnt go rock climbing and because Neil had such good relationships with the local guides he managed to get everyone on the Christmas Day excursion of their choice.
Whilst we were out he personally prepared a 6 course christmas feast for the entire group.
It was a fantastic week made perfect by a knowledgable, fun and enthusiatic tour leader who did his best to make sure that all the people on the trip went back home loving Central America as much as he obviously does!
The Panama Canal was as amazing as I had expected as well!!

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Tour Leader Respone to previous feedback

Trip: Panama Panorama

I was also on this trip, after doing a previous tour with this leader I booked this trip specifically because I knew how fabulous it would be with him, particularly at Christmas.

I agree with the accommodation issues but am genuinely shocked about the comments made about the leader. He advised us early in the trip that, as it would be Christmas day in Boquete most of the optional excursions would not be available. He even had emails from the relevant companies explaining that they would not be open for business.

To compensate for this he had booked a fabulous restaurant well in advance for Christmas Eve Dinner complete with turkey open fire and mulled wine perfect for the homesick and those missing family amongst us.

After a few people mentioned they really wanted to go rock climbing he called someone he knew and managed to get everyone the activity they had chosen.

Whilst they were out he personally prepared a 6 course christmas feast for the entire group.

I cannot believe that anyone would think that this guide would not help guests out unless there was money in it for him. He is one of those people that genuniely loves Central America and works hard to make sure all his pax! have a fabulous experience and go back to their home countries loving CA as much as he does. I am sure that he would have preferred not to receive a tip if someone felt this away about his professionalism and committment to a job he loves.

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tour leader con

Trip: Panama Panorama

The itinerary was great for a very short trip, hitting some highlights of Panama - starting San Jose Costa Rica, then travelling to Bocas del Toro, Boquete, and Panama City.
The accommodation was fine for a budget tour, basic but clean, with the exception of a place in Bouquete where we were staying for Christmas Eve and Christmas night. The door didn't close unless locked, the bathroom floor was wet after a shower no matter what you did, one thin towel is all that was supplied, toilet paper was see-through. I've been on a lot of tours like this and have stayed in some dodgy accommodations but this was probably the worst.
The tour was good value for the money, it was on special so was a great value. The tour leader seemed to be knowledgeable about the places visited, however was not at all helpful in booking extra activities in Boquete, in hindsight I believe because all agencies had prices advertised, so there would be no money in it for him. I contacted the company about my issues with the tour leader skimming at the end of the trip, and was told that wasn't against their rules. Would have been nice to know, I would not have tipped him!

Response from Tucan Travel

We are delighted that you enjoyed the itinerary and that your tour leader was knowledgeable on Panama. We are also very pleased to hear that you found the tour good value for money as this is one of the key areas in which hope to deliver in all our tours.

It is disappointing to hear of your experience when booking optional excursions. To help, we provide a list of recommended optional excursions on our website. These are excursions that have been reviewed and risk assessed with prices in either local currency or USD. It is our policy and included in our crew manual that tour leaders do not increase the price of excursions when booking on the behalf of clients. If you asked a tour leader to book an excursion that is not included in our list of approved optional excursions offered while on tour, it is very difficult for us to verify the true price and whether any discrepancy was a result of the tour leader, hotel or the operator.

We will look into your comments regarding the hotel in Boquete and revise our hotel choice based on the results of our findings. We very much appreciate you taking the time to make us aware of these issues as it allows us to continuously improve our tours for future travellers. Should you have further comments, please feel free to contact us at feedback@tucantravel.com.

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I gained appreciation for world

Trip: India in Depth

This trip to Northern India was a truly unique trip since it was pretty much entirely within one state of India. The trip started in Delhi which seemed like the most chaotic place in the world. If you are a big fan of Gandhi you will appreciate a lot of the tributes to him all over the town. This trip gave me a whole new appreciation for Indian Architecture. Every town we visited seemed to have a color theme, there was both a pink city and a blue city we visited where almost all of the buildings were shades of blue and pink. No doubt the best part of the trip was the Taj Mahal because it is one of the most beautiful buildings on earth. Be advised that this is not much of a party trip but more of a historical trip. If you want to understand Indian culture and dive deep into their history, I highly recommend this trip.

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If you want to hike the Inca Trail, book this trip

Trip: Inca Trek

If you want to hike the Inca Trail, I recommend this trip. The guides were great, everything was well planned, and Tucan helped organize the Inca Trail permit which saved us a lot of pre-planning. The only thing I did not like was the 'toilets' on the trek. Make sure you take a lot of hand sanitizer! Really enjoyed the experience, and I am glad we decided to do the trek with Tucan. We booked flights in and out of Lima, and the rest was all taken care of.

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Fast trip, but worth it

Trip: Cambodia or Wat

There is no denying that this tour is fast! In 8 days you go from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh, but it is worth it if you don't have a lot of time. I went with my husband on his business trip to Thailand, and forced him to take this trip with me so that we could actually experience some culture while we were there. He was so hesitant about the 'cheap' tour that I booked, but I didn't want to travel with a bunch of oldies, and I REALLY wanted to go to Angkor Wat, and this trip went there. It wasn't a luxurious tour by any means, but I had a great time, and surprisingly so did my husband (who generally likes to travel in style). From the words of my husband 'I am glad we went on a tour. I saw a lot of things I would have never thought to go and see'. While we probably could have booked a similar tour that stayed in amazing hotels, I think the organization and the itinerary was probably just as good as any other tour.

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Trip: Lima to Lima

I had an amazing time traveling in South American with Tucan (Peru). I am was a solo traveler so I wanted to join a tour. The Tucan trip was mostly solo travelers my age 23 (Budget Tour Overland) . Keeping in mind that it was a budget tour the accommodations were not 5 star but were always clean, with hot running water and in prime locations within the cities. The campsites were always safe and clean. The optional excursions seemed on the pricey side if I was to book without tucan but they were always delivered as described and always arrived on time. Our tour leader would be honest if an optional excursion was worth it or not. He was very knowledgeable of each destination of places to eat and see and what to avoid in each destination. Fellow travelers on my tour were there to see culture but also go out on the town on some nights. I had an excellent time on the tour and I would recommend it for someone who is traveling solo. You will meet new friends and have an excellent time.

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Trip: Nairobi to Vic Falls

This is a great tour. It was incredibly cheap, so I wasn't expecting much, but the tour was worth every penny. I read some of the below reviews, and it seems that there are some bad guides out there. This is a shame because our guides were amazing. They were very informative, approachable, and really cared about the well-being of the group. Maybe South America is different, but in Africa Tucan rocks. It would be a shame to think that the tour guides are the luck of the draw, because they pretty much can make or break a tour. But based on my experience I would give Tucan no less than 5 stars. I would probably only warn that it is a budget tour designed for shoestring travelers, so I wouldn't book this tour expecting the best of the best in regards to transportation and accommodation, but it was all reliable and comfortable, and good for the price I paid, and I liked the rugged feel of the tour. AND the food was fantastic.

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Not recommended

Trip: Pacific to Atlantic (70 days)

Hi all, I too had a similar experience to "zchaxf8". Aside from the quality of service being unacceptable, I would like to add that Tucan rip you off on the optional excursions. Instead of receiving a 'group discount' Tucan mark up the price. Here are some examples. We went to the Bolivian salt flats. Tucan charged people $45 USD; by then we had cottoned on to the fact that they were ripping us off and sourced our own supplier through a company recommended in the lonely planet, we paid $23 USD. We managed to gather 10 others to join us. The Tucan tour guide was rather rude, and there were rumors to say that we would 'die' because the cars were dodgy, we'd get crap service etc because it was cheap. We had done our homework and this company was great, in the end we had the last laugh, as we got EXACTLY what the Tucan company got and we paid half the price. The same thing happened for the Lake Titicaca tour and various other excusions. For Death Road we wanted to use "Gavity Assisted" the company that Tucan recommend, so we contacted them directly and got a lower cost than Tucan quoted us directly (for the same company!!). We confronted Tucan and Tucan matched the price (after some uming and aring). I'm sorry but they are total con artists. Like "zchaxf8" we were also experienced travelers and don't mine slumming it but the service (drunk, drugs, attitude, poor service/ professionalism by the tour lead) was totally unacceptable. They forgot that we were paying customers. I would NOT recommend them (well at least the South American lot). A few people (1/3) on the tour left the tour part way through and did their own thing, until they joined up with us for carnival. We complained to head office (a few of us did) including complaints about driving under the influence of cannabis; the driving bringing on board his sister and her boyfriend for free so that we were more than over booked); poor hygiene practice that resulted in people getting sick....headoffice didn't give a rats and said that we should have complained during the trip (which a couple of people did). End result a token ?200 voucher for our next trip (as if we would use them again! we paid a good few thousand ?s for this trip!!!) Sorry for the ramble, South America was AMAZING and would have been better without using Tucan 🙂 Check out Kamuka they are pretty cool. Our group actually had Kamuka tour leaders at the start and they were excellent, then we got Tucan tour leader and they were poor. I guess at the end of the day it's all down to the Tour Leader. but Tucan a) rips you off b) doesn't train their staff well enough c) does not care about you. 🙂 please consider booking with a different operator 🙂 it's so not worth the risk of ruining your holiday! (which it almost did, until I stopped caring) Happy travels :)!!!

Response from Tucan Travel:

As a client's experience on tour is our paramount concern as a company that provides a travel service, we take very seriously the issues that have been raised here. One of the best ways that we can monitor the standard of our tours is by relying on the feedback we receive from clients. This means that in areas where Tucan Travel has made mistakes, we can rectify them as soon as possible and make sure they do not happen again.

As the above comments are posted anonymously we are unable to reference this client's complaint against our records to establish exactly what measures were taken to resolve this issue. However, we can stipulate that any complaints we receive of a nature as mentioned above are taken very seriously and are fully investigated by the company, particularly where they refer to the conduct of an individual tour leader. If the person in question is not satisfied with the response they received from the company when they made an initial complaint, we encourage them to contact us again on uksales@tucantravel.com so we can look to further resolve this issue.

Sincere regards,

Tucan Travel

awful awful awful!!

Trip: Patagonia

Hi, wanted to share my experience to warn people about this tour company. I would first like to point out that i have travelled extensively and have travelled independently and with over 15 tour groups including intrepid, geckos, trek america, gap, and unfortunately tucan. I am in my mid twenties and don't get me wrong, definitely don't take things too seriously when travelling. i It takes a lot for me to complain, and have never written any other bad reviews about any of my other tours, but i felt so strongly about this experience, that i decided to write a review. The tour leader was a waste of space, he spoke no spanish, had never been to a single place on the tour and was more interested in getting out of control drunk and doing drugs than leading anything or anyone- i got more information from my guide book than i did from him. He was frequently late/not showing up at times when we we supposed to meet. He had no mobile phone and had to use a travellers phone throughout the trip racking up big bills on their international call bill (which were reimbursed at the end of the trip after that traveller took the initiative to work out how much it was). We also had a bus accident whilst travelling on the toucan trucks (doris), it was at high speed on a motorway when one of the back wheels fell off, axial and everything- i took photos off this so am happy to post them to anyone interested. we skidded off the road and fortunately stopped without hitting everything. luckily no one was injured. We were given a replacement truck which had just been taken off the road for "repair" as it hadn't been deemed road worthy. I know for a fact that when it came to feedback time from the group that the tour leader was given very poor reviews from the vast majority of the group. I actually wrote a letter of complaint to the company, expressing my concern for the state of their trucks and the general state at which the tour was conducted. i got a reply which was dismissive and insinuating that essentially i was not a relaxed enough traveller and they gave me ?300 gift voucher if i booked again! well i won't be wasting my money booking again, i won't be recommending them to anyone, and have since had an amazing time camping for 2 months through africa with intrepid (where i had a truly fantastic and fun experience with people who knew what they were doing). hope people find this useful.

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Good trip but not so good guide

Trip: Gaucho

The itinerary for this trip is great, but I was highly disappointed with our guide. He seemed more interested in partying than showing us around, and was often hungover with alcohol breath. I know to expect this from fellow travellers, but not from the guide. He also mentioned a few times how little he gets paid to do his job......um, excuse me you get to travel around South America and get paid for it, even if the pay is low. If you don't want to be here, someone else will willingly replace you! To be honest the guide is a gamble because I have spoken to others who said their guide was great. Tucan should monitor their guides and their behavior more closely. I loved South America though, and the prices with Tucan and better than what I found anywhere else.

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Can\'t beat the price

Trip: Tucan Explorer

65 days on tour in South America is a long time, but Tucan managed to meet my expectations every step of the way. I chose this trip because it was way cheaper than anything with Gap or Intrepid, and I was worried at first because I didn't know what to expect for such a low price compared to Gap or Intrepid (which I have traveled with before). I was incredibly surprised and impressed, and I had such a great time. Tucan was very professional and I would recommend them to anyone. I think 65 days is a long time to be on tour, and I would recommend booking two separate tours and give yourself a break somewhere half way.

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Trip: Gaucho

Had a great time and would recommend it to anyone who wants to see highlights of South America. I thought the itinerary was great for what I wanted to see. I would have paid more money for upgraded accommodation, but the option was not available. The guide was great, and the food they provided was way better than I expected. Iguazu Falls was the highlight of the trip.

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Really great value

Trip: Annapurna Trek

This trip is not for the faint of heart, but I am sure you would be aware of that if you have already done some research on hiking in Nepal. What attracted me to this trip was initially the price, and I backpack on my own a lot so I was not really sure what to expect on a tour.   But, Tucan really blew me away. They were really well organised, I met some great people, and I loved the itinerary they put together. They were really accommodating while we were trekking. The food was great, the accommodation was great, and the guides were awesome. This tour made me realise that sometimes doing a tour can be much cheaper than doing it on your own, and it also eliminates a lot of hassle when you are attempting to travel to an area that is not as accommodating for tourists as others. Tucan converted me into a tour lover:-)

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See the real Cuba

Trip: Cuban Salsa

If you want to see the real Cuba, this is the perfect trip for you! Cuba is such an interesting country to visit, and Tucan Travel did a great job of showing us Cuba at it's best, allowing us to interact with the locals and learn a lot about the lifestyle of one of the only communist ruled countries in the world. Our guides were amazing, and really helpful. DO NOT go to Cuba and stay in a resort set up for Westerners, go with Tucan and see the real Cuba!!!!! One of the best tours I have ever done, and I have done a lot of tours

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Wildlife, Beaches and Volcanoes

Trip: Scenic Granada

This is an amazing trip that really explores the diversity of this beautiful region. We enjoyed the beach in Hondorus, veiwed wildlife in Costa Rica, climbed volcanoes in Nicaragua and had delicious food with the locals in Guatemala. Our tour guide, Celia, had great knowledge of the region and took us to some fantastic local restaurants. I highly recommend Tucan, and not only for the price. Book it, Book it now!

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Tucan Rocks

Trip: South America Explorer

I'm currently on tour from Quito to Rio, and i'm just writing to let you know how fantastic the Tucan representatives, Heinz and Bela, have been. Their competence, professionalism and enthusiasm has been exemplary throughout. The tour has not been plain sailing: as we've come up against obstacles, (literally!) in the form of road blocks and various problems with the truck. However, Heinz and Bela have both gone into overdrive to ensure that these have caused minimum disruption to the tour. So in short, Bela and Heinz have been great; your choice of employees is exemplary; thanks!

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