On our second day in New Zealand, we joined our Topdeck Tour.? We made our way from Christchurch to the Fox Glacier, and the scenery was spectacular.? We also saw many, many sheep, so if you were wondering if the stereotype of New Zealand being overloaded with sheep farms is true, it is!? We got the chance to get to know the others on our tour a little, and everyone was really friendly.

After spending the night in a quaint little town by the glacier, we explored the glacier the next morning.? The Fox Glacier is one of the very few Glaciers in the world that meets a rainforest, and it is easily accessible for visitors.? We opted to hike the neck of the Glacier with a guide, which was fantastic. Other options included taking a helicopter to the top of the Glacier.

Our guide Finn was extremely knowledgable, and spent over two hours on the ice with us.? Learning about the cause and effect of warmer weather over thousands of years was facinating, and hiking on a large block of ice was quite an experience.? We were the first group to hike the glacier that day allowing us to get the most pure experience on the glacier. We were the only ones out on the glacier for at least an hour.

After our morning hike, we were back on the road after lunch on our way to the Adrenalin Capital of the world, Queenstown!? Stay tuned for my next post about our adventure-filled two days in Queenstown.