They call Queenstown the adrenalin Capital of the world, and it is not hard to see why!? Queenstown is a stunning town nestled in the mountains surrounded by beautiful lakes, ski resorts, canyons and raging rivers.? But back to the adrenalin…..on our way into Queenstown our guide gave us a run-down of all of the activity options available.? These options included the largest bungy jump in the world, AJ Hacket?s original bungy, the world?s largest canyon swing, sky diving, shotover jet boating, paragliding, hang gliding, horse riding………the list goes on.

Having already skydived and bungy jumped in my younger years, I opted for the canyon swing, and Brian decided to do AJ Hacket?s original bungy.? I have to say that the anticipation leading up to the actual moment is a lot scarier than taking the leap.? Brian has a pretty bad fear of heights, so conquering the bungy was huge for him, although his emotions don?t show on his video, I look much more nervous than him! I highly recommend the canyon swing, because if you want to go again it is only $39NZD! So of course I did!

While many people are attracted to Queenstown because of the adrenalin, there is also many other things to see and do here.? The nightlife for one is fantastic.?We kicked off our night out on the town at the ice bar with our Topdeck Group, which was a lot of fun, and a lot cheaper than expected.

There are also some really great restaurants worth checking out.? When it comes to food, one place you MUST try while visiting Queenstown, is Fergburger.? The burgers here are huge, and very tasty.?I was also really impressed with the Ferg Bakery next door, offering delicious fresh pastries and desserts.

We also hiked the Tiki Trail up to the summit of Bob’s Peak, which boasted amazing views of the town.? You can also catch the gondola to the top if you are not feeling so athletic after your Fergburger:-)

All in all, our two days in Queenstown were so much fun, and probably the highlight of our trip.? Next time, we want to visit in the winter so that we can check out some of New Zealand?s best ski resorts!