South America Tour

Pacific to Atlantic with Tucan Travel is our today’s tour pick.

This is the longest tour we’ve ever featured – 70 days! The route is from Quito to Rio de Janeiro. You’ll be travelling through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Panama, which I can’t imagine visiting in a week or so. Definitely need a longer tour such as this.

This epic adventure has everything – beaches, the Andes, world’s largest rainforest, the Incan Empire, Iguazu Falls, Pantanal Wetlands and the list goes on.

Accommodation wise, you’ll be spending most nights in hotels and guesthouses (38), 26 nights camping and 3 nights in a Hammock. All of that is included in the price plus breakfast and lunch for 41 days and dinner for 26.

But you’ll need to pack your own sleeping bag and mat, plus book your own international flight tickets.

Price: ?3,129

PS. Tucan Travel currently has a promotion on this tour – 15% off!